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2007, what a year we had.  Many trips, many people making decisions for the Lord.  We've attached photos of our trip to Villahermosa  in November with the Texas Baptist Men disaster relief unit to feed those who had to evacuate their homes because of the heavy flooding.  What an operation these men and women do to feed many people.  They were feeding around 10,000 meals per day.  They were capable of feeding 20,000 meals per day.  Continue to pray for those who went on that trip in light of the accident involving the young man who lost his life when he ran onto the highway in front of one of our convoy vehicles.  It was a tough trip but we were able to see the Lord move in a mighty way.

December brought several activities.  The first was with Alamo City Christian Fellowship of San Antonio.  They distributed over 500 Christmas gifts and over 250 food bags.  Martindale Baptist Church also came to participate, and their members Joe and Melissa Lee, with the ministry Pacto Con Dios. They brought 700 pounds of deer meat which they distributed. They also made deer meat tacos which were given out at several locations. They also held a service at an outdoor soccer/basketball court.  I did a drawing and there were 3 motorcycles for people to see.

The next event was a motorcycle trip to Victoria, Mexico.  That was the trip we asked everyone to pray about the truck.  On Wednesday before we were to leave, we discovered a blown head gasket in my truck.  The Ford dealership said they would try their best to get it out by noon on Friday, the time we were suppose to leave.  At 11:45 Friday morning, they returned my truck.  There was no way we were going to be able to haul all the toys and food we took to an orphanage on that trip without the truck.

On the way down, we stopped at a place called Padilla to eat grilled chicken.  (I have all those places staked out)  We parked the bikes across the street from the restaurant.  We noticed a lady sitting in a wheel chair, in the doorway to her house looking at the bikes.  As we started to leave, Beth gave her a New Testament Bible.  We were all on the bikes ready to go and the Lord impressed me to go back.  I turned my bike off, took off my helmet and went back to talk to her.  What a privilege to be able to lead her to the Lord.  On the way back we stopped at the same place to eat.  The lady across the street just smiled when she saw us.  The chicken wasn't ready so we went to get gas.  It was ready by the time we got back.  We were almost done and ready to go when the owner's wife showed up with her kids.  I asked Shirley Parker, my mother-in-law, to get some stuffed animals to give to the kids.  After giving those kids the animals, their mother came to thank us.  She said her kids went to an evangelical church.  When I asked her if she went she hesitantly answered no.  But she carefully listened to the Gospel message and prayed to receive Christ into her life.  After looking back, if the chicken would have been ready, we would have eaten, left and missed sharing Christ with her. We also took the bikes to the central plaza in Victoria, where Christmas activities were going on.  We were able to lead numerous people to the Lord who stopped to look at the bikes.

Our last trip was with Christ King Community Church also from San Antonio.  We met with them on December 27th & 28th.  We did a drawing in a very poor area in Reynosa and several made decisions.  We also went to the beach east of Matamoros and gave out presents and food.










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