Christian Missionary Helpers Ministries
Web Building Guide Lines

1. There is no charge for us designing any Christian Website. We do need a statement of beliefs from you if we don't know you personally. We hope you understand that many call themselves Christians, but in reality are not.

2. There can be no fund raising or selling on any site we build. If you want to raise funds, we charge for the web design. We do suggest though that you put an email link on your page and through email you can discuss all the fund raising you want to.

3. All content of all web pages must be uplifting Jesus Christ our Lord, and forwarding the Gospel in some way. All graphics made by us are yours to keep. We don't use Front Page normally , but if you want your page done in Front Page, we use Front Page 2003. Other wise we are hard coders, and write our pages using a simple text editor. We don't have Macromedia Flash or Shockwave software. If you want these included on your page, it is up to you to buy the software, "master disks only". Just be prepared for extremely long loading times on your page if you use a dial-up connection.

4. You must agree to allow me to put a link back to using our link back graphic. I don't think this is too much to ask.

5. It is up to you to provide web space for your web site. We do not suggest the 5 or 7 megs that your ISP provides due to the volatility of ISP's to go out of business and take your home page with it. There are a number of good Christian Web Site providers on the internet. Email us and we will email back a list of providers we have worked with in the past.

6. We will instruct you on how to upload your page to your provider, and instruct you on how to do simple editing of your site, but the day to day up keep is your responsibility. If you get into a jam we will help you out. Make Backups of your site, make backups, make backups, make backups!

We have been praying on these guide lines for quite some time and hope they don't step on anyone's toes. If you have any questions please feel free to Email us.
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