Wild roses,
Pink single flowers,
So delicate those velvet petals!
God, send showers
To water the roses growing
Along fencerows: glory to see.

Bravely blooming,
E'en midst tangled blackberries, nettles,
Sweet pink beauties:
They are so lovely,
These roses of roadside.

Wild roses have no duties
But to remind that
The God who cares
For spring blossoms,
Will also look after me!


A line of willows hangs low
Over the winding riverbank;
Look carefully at still water,
And see a doubled surprise.
Where the ducks played, then drank,
Willows shimer, downside-up.

Skimming water's surface, you'll see
Cloud pufflets sailing as if in watered blue skies.
Aren't reflections in quiet water bright?
Oh, lean out, willow trees, to catch the light!


Little glass ladybugs --
That's what the raindrops look like:
A row of bright, crystal beads
Marching down the green leaf-tips.
Water drops on foliage are so lovely!
So lively!

I laugh at the dribbles of rain,
For there are new delights to see,
Where water-drop ladybugs touch the green leaf tips.


Velvet, soft showers
Of misty, warm rain
Kiss gently the roadside flowers,
(And the moss green in the lane).
I like so to touch
Raindrops on pink roses wild!
Thank you, God, very much,
For all this beauty to bless a child!


The Lord made the little, lovely creek
Winding through the woods;
He gave the brook a voice to sing --
It says, "God is so good!"

The swirling creek is rich, is clear;
O'er stone and bank flows brown and blue.
Each ripple gurgles merrily --
"God made the creek -- and he made you!"


Is there, then, a secret to the wild rose?
Yes, for the rose hips,
Those dried seed pods so bright and red,
Are good sources of Vitamin C
(For healthy bodies; and maybe
To help relieve the common cold.)
And, as everyone surely knows,
Vitamin C is sold in tablets, in drug stores.

Also, could it really be
You've never heard of Rose-hip tea?
Another idea, about which much less is told
Is to make rose-flavored jelly from pink petal!
Or, maybe you like best a potpourri:
Dried rose petals in a jar make the room smell good.


The rosebud's message is: "Think of God:
He loves his children so!"
See in pretty pink of joyful petal
His kindness to the earth below.

No one can miss the rosebud's song:
"God's children need not fear;
The Lord who loves the tenderest flower
Is always very near."

A rosebud doesn't worry about being alive,
It just blooms on in brave-lovely show.
May God help people to do the same --
To rest in him, content to grow.


Perhaps my eyes, and mine alone,
Glimpse this sprightly Johnny Jump Up
Peering shyly through the thickset
Ground cover in an unexpected wayside.

Even if no one ever comes to see,
Still, Lord, you plant Nature's beauties
To bloom in glen, lost and lone.
How can this be, oh how can this be?
That you should lavish your beauty
Like a spendthrift, even where no eye
Will chance to stop and see?

This is part of your loveliness, God,
That you do not parade your treasures
Just for "show and tell",
Where human folks will surely see.
But you keep the world replenished
With ever-beauty-store.
Replenish, also, the thickset places
In my bracken covered soul,
And impart your ever-living life
Into the depths of me!

Copyright 1996-2004 by Marilee Miller     copying is limited to personal enjoyment and to share with not more than 5-6 friends; no "public" use or widespread issuing without permission of author.  this notice to accompany all copies.