1. To be Good Bread to Feed Others
2. For those under too much Pressure
3. For Visits from Friends or Relatives
4. A Sign of Consecration
5. A Calling Forth of Strength, Material Aid, &
6.  A Call for Financial Blessings
7.  A binding Up of Inner Woundedness
8.  A sending Forth of Time & Energy & Fulfillment
9.  Prayer to Bring Forth Service, Dedication, & Joy


The golden-reddish sun is like a huge Chinese gong,
dominating the autumn-dusty sky. There is the glint of
sun, spreading widely across the vast, ripened wheat
fields. When the light illumines a near ear of wheat, it
filters, sifts through the bristles. Touching, kissing
the kernels in their coats of chaff.

Soon the life-giving wheat will be separated from the
chaff. The chaff will blow away; it will be refuse and
dirt to sift across the fields. However, the precious
wheat will be harvested, gathered in, sent to storage,
sent to the milling houses. To become bread for the

We are your wheat fields, oh Lord. And you have promised
to provide your own bread to feed the spiritually
hungry. Through your Son, you are the bread that feeds
the world. He is the bread of the world. And we, through
the Christ, have the words and the caring which feed the
world, and cause people to become satisfied. They shall
be no more hungry or empty inside.

Go forth, Oh Lord, and purify your wheat. Purify our
lives. And let us know, with your own assurance, that we
have the food to nourish a hungry world. Go forth in us,
Lord. Be our delight.

You are the sunshine ripening the grain. You are the
nourishment in the grain. When that grain is broken, is
ground up and shaken, it is for the sake of many. It is
for the healing of the nations. Oh Lord, shine in our
lives.  That we shall take on the likeness of your Son.
And bring his filling to the empty.

Behold, Lord God, I bring to you the growing wheat":
we who are trying to serve you. But we are so unsure of
ourselves! Anxiety entangles with needs. We gather dust
from fighting the emotions that it takes to get through
life. Feeling grimy, we can almost forget that we are
touched and blessed by your golden sun and light. And
thus, made beautiful.

Sometimes we resist the binding and molding process, the
kneading process, the dough-mixing process. We keep
protesting our helplessness. Or fighting against our own
uselessness and weakness. I guess, Lord, we are unwilling
to become dead -- that we might live!

I bring us all: we who seek to serve you, and also all
those who have the potential to belong to you. That you]
may make all souls into grain that will be suited for
your kingdom. Blow away the chaff from our lives. And
instill your own God-essence in us. That it may not be us
going forth to serve you, in our strength. But by your
body, which is broken for many, feeding us, we may feed
your sheep. That we may go forth and feed the world. And
be good nourishment. That when you break the bread of our
lives in consecration, to feed the hungry world, it will
be a holy bread. And there will be no taint nor stain
upon the food for the people. For your work -- and your
blessing -- will have purified motives and cleaned up

So purify the people of this world, Lord. I bring us
all to you, as wheat, growing in a field. That we may be
garnered in to the heavenly storerooms of life. That we
may be transformed and transfigured and remolded and
remade, shuffled and brought to light, brought to
usefulness in your kingdom. That you, Lord, may have
glory. And that we may all return to the sunshine, the
warmth, the light from which we drew our original
nourishment -- until the Son fills us all.

Lord, I bring your people to you for consecration.
That we may be broken to feed the world. And that we may
live to feed the dying. Come forth, oh Kingdom of God.
Come forth, oh Holy Spirit. Come forth, Son whose body
was broken for us, and for many. Purify your bread. And
cause us to be able to feed you to the world.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.


Dear Lord, there is such a shaking and sifting going
on in the world today. We battle against the things that
people would do to harm others. But the "war" is deeper
than that. For "we battle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities and powers in high places."

Behold, Lord, I stretch forth my hands. I pray for
those who are oppressed, under too much pressure. Holy
Spirit, intercede for them. Bless them. Anoint them with
your spilling-over power and love and healing grace.

Father, I empower your Word to go out to all who need
to hear it. Open deaf ears and blind eyes, to hear and
see Who you really are. Thank you, Lord, that you are
always with us, and you really do answer prayers!

Thank you, God, that the Holy Spirit always makes
intercession for his people, sometimes in "groanings too
deep for words". And that the Father's ears hear what the
Spirit says about our needs.

We thank you, Lord, that you are setting people free
from the curses or bitter words they've had to live under.
You're teaching them that your word, your Son, your might
is more powerful than hurtful words, or evil words.

Give your people the mind of Christ. We do not allow
fear and unbelief -- or exhaustion -- to have the final
word. But we allow God to "arise, and let his enemies be
scattered." Break every curse, every captive place where
people have been "imprisoned" (in mind or body or heart or
soul) because of things that happened which they couldn't
help. Break the holds that backgrounds or traditions have
on them. And let them go free. For you have said to your
people: "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set
you free." So free them to trust in God. The truth, the
light, and the way.

And thank you that you've done the full work, Lord.
We may say, as Christ did on the cross, "It is finished."
Your work has been completed for us. We take it. We
accept it. We praise you for it. Amen.


Oh Lord, when friends and relatives come to visit,
let us not be under too much pressure. Thank you, Lord,
that it is you who empower us to get the tangible, servant
chores done that need doing. But empower us, also, to
bring Christ to our guests. May the stays of friends or
relatives be a time of peace and anointing. A time for
deepening our fellowship and respect for one another. A
time to share God's word -- and an opportunity for the
visitors to receive it. A time when the Lord's word goes
forth. A time for gifting and giving and rejuvenation, in
God's love.


Almighty God, Elijah the prophet acknowledged your
power to heal and to change lives -- yes, even your power
to resurrect a dead person. He demonstrated that you are
a God who cares for people. Yet Elijah did not hesitate
to point out sin wherever he saw it. He called people to
return to their redeeming Lord.

Elizabeth and Zacharias, parents of that new Elijah
(John the Baptist), saw your gentleness and compassion.
They testified that you are a Lord who keeps your
promises. But they also knew Israel needed more than a
kind Father -- that nation needed to purify hearts, and
put away idols, and prepare for a Strong Deliverer.

Today, as followers of The Way, we too face an
Elijah-task. Oh Lord, fully equip us for the greatness of
your mission in us. With open hearts, we receive you!
Then teach us to call others to find a friendship with
your Son, Christ the Lord.

Dear Father, you keep filling our hearts with joy.
We see the ways you care for your children today. You
sent us the Christmas-babe to be our Savior. Then you
allowed your Only Son to face the cruelty of a Roman
cross. Jesus died so we wouldn't need to feel broken
anymore. We are empowered to become wholesome persons!
Jesus didn't deserve to die. but in our places -- for us
-- you allowed him to bleed as a living sacrifice,
acceptable in your sight. Though we ought to have died,
that is, to have been separated from our God, we need not
pour out our lifeblood. For Jesus Christ has already paid
the price to give us freedom. He forgave our sins and
restored us to fellowship with God.

Father, many of us do not grasp the impact of your
great offering. What does it mean to us, that you gave
your only Son, on behalf of all of us? Yet, how many of
us would be gracious to part with something -- or someone
-- so dear to us? Thank you, God, for your love.

Father, Jesus himself told his followers to keep
alive the memory of his death and resurrection. He showed
us how to commune in our hearts with the living and
resurrected Lord. We know we are unworthy of your love,
God. Yet we praise you gratefully for caring about us.

We celebrate the service of the "Last Supper" to
remember that your body was broken for us in order for us
to be healed. You bled for us, that we might be clean and
holy in your sight. When we take the communion elements,
the bread and wine, we remember the Lord Jesus "until he
comes again."
As "new Elijahs", we would dare to pray that these
communion elements, these symbols, be given the power of
old. That we may call on you to heal our brokenness of
body and mind and spirit. And call on you to forgive our
sins and mis-deeds (though these words don't seem very
comfortable to our generation). Accept us as we are,
Lord. Fill us anew with the presence of the Lord. And
give to our lives your own deeper meaning.

Bless us as we fellowship with you, Lord. Humbly, we
eat and drink to remember your Son.




(fill in the blanks with your name, or that of the person
you wish to pray for)

Dear Lord,
You have said --"where two or three are gathered in my
name, there am I in the midst of them." Now, God, you
know that ___________ and I have no way of being
together-together. But we are together (though in
different places) in the spirit of sharing. So we trust
you to fulfill your word, and be in the midst of us.

Oh, God, God of the ages, we believe you are a Lord
who abhors a vacuum and will always fill it with good
things to overcome all evil (even though at the time some
things don't look so good!). So we thank you for being a
reliable God. One who honors your promises. We praise
you for your everlastingness, and your tender mercies,
which are "new every morning." (see Lam. 3:222-23)

How we thank you for sending Christ to rescue and
save us -- not just once, but whenever (and in any way) we
need helping.


Now, Lord, you know that _____________ is having
financial struggles. And perhaps many other kinds, as
well. You have also said that you "own the cattle on a
thousand hills." We have heard it said that "God ain't
poahr no more!" And you know that ________ has tried to
be faithful to you, to your word, to your instructions.

So behold, God of the Ages, and Simple Strength, I
send you forth. I send you forth into the barren places,
into the doubting places, into the laced-up-patched-
together places. And I send you as "Son of Righteousness
risen with healing in his wings." I send you to be the
Helper. I send you forth, Holy Spirit, to make a way
straight for _______.

Money, I call you from the east, the west, the north, the
south. Multiplication-tables-outpoured!
Magnifying the Lord,
Cleansing with righteous sword,
Cleaving to God's holy word
To be fruitful and multiply:
Money, hear the word of the Lord!
And come on in!
(And we'll give God all the glory that needs have been met!)


Bind up all lacerations and woundednesses,
and teach ________ of your alterations and blessednesses,
that without altercations, there may be goodnesses
pouring and spilling forth.

Let _______ know that the Healing Lord, the Savior of us
all is with my friend -- and you, Lord, cannot possibly
fall, because this is your work, oh God, to make
_______ tall --
and not something that my cyberspace friend can do
at all.

So Lord, go forth!  And thank you!  Amen.


Time, energy, compassion, I loose you to emerge
As never before, to merge
With the healing gifts __________ already has on the verge:
That the Word of God may be fulfilled.

Let all that is not of God feel the purge,
But let everything that is within her praise God
     with a surge.
You, spirit of blesssedness, emerge!
With Abundant God upsurge.

Father, you know the devices of man and the wicked
one, how they would seek to distract people from their
appointed missions. Stop each distraction from its
rounds. Thank you, Lord, that you are mightier, you are
greater, more powerful than that ol' boll-weavil of evil.
Git 'im, Lord. Throw his backside far away!

Now Lord, I loose a spirit of revelation to show
________ how to follow you. To show each of your
priorities in order, what is first, what is last. If this
isn't the time for all the things ______ is doing, trying
to "do" for you, then show a different way. If what has
been conceived of un mind isn't your own "way" for this
life, then guide the mind and heart in the re-shaping of
plans. But let ________ trust you in this. And to know
the truth. For Jesus said, "You shall know the truth, and
the truth shall set you free."

I ask that the knots of hardness and unbelief be untied,
so that a revelation of God's mightiness shall come forth
to those that live in the isles of the sea.
I send forth the blessedness of God-salvation
to those _______ ministers to and serves: set them free.

I send forth God's power to raise up generations
who will not curse the name of the holy Lord,
But will revere him and show him that he is adored
And honored by deeper committments and love,
And holy God, send forth a revelation of Divinity's LOVE!

Now, go, Holy Spirit, for your work isn't through,
But please bring all to the place where it can be
      "prayed through",
And Lord of all, we give you honor and praise
For strengthening ________ for all of life's days.

E-mail, and messages, go forth with God's timing,
Strike the chords of response in hearts, in his timing,
That people's lives may fall into obedience rhyming
With goodness, and -- fulfilling of days.
We give thanks to you, for all this, oh Ancient of Days!



Go into ___________'s heart, I pray,

Where she has built your altar,

And piled up her holy things

That you have gifted her to see.

She has dedicated them to you,

And called honor to your name,

Now make of her a vessel pure

Where Sonlight shines with honor.


Take all the things she's piled there,

Your words and gifts and love,

And all the visions for the world

When end times come to pass.

And sanctify them with your holy fire,

Illumine with your Light,

That they may come to fully pass

As you have breathed your Life.


And if there's ought that should not be,

Or self-thoughts or restlessness,

And where's there's tiredness or strife,

Then I call forth your deliverance

To set her wholly free.

But you, Lord, must be the beacon fire

That lights the way to You,

And not her, human, just going forth

To do your work for you.


So breathe upon this servant heart

The living, joyous Word,

Go in and light her altar there

With the fulfillment of your power.

"Let God arise" and show his might,

That the prophecy may come true,

That God has a Day of Pentecost

For all his waiting saints today.


"Let God arise, and let his enemies be


(Ps. 68:1b)


"Arise, shine, for thy light is come, and the

glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For behold,

darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness

the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee and

his glory shall be seen upon thee." (Isa. 60: 1-2)



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