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A ZIP file containing all the files of Disc 1 of our 2 disc set, suitable for burning to CD, or just using on other devices. contains 152 sermons. Filesize: 710 MB  (~40 min/cable) Note: You will be taken to our auxiliary download site for this file due to its size.


A ZIP file containing all the files of Disc 2 of our 2 disc set, suitable for burning to CD or just using on other devices.. Contains 94 sermons, Theophilos, BibleSeeker, etc and the KJV in PDF files. Filesize: 710 MB , download time: about 40 minutes. Note: You will be taken to our  auxiliary download site for this file due to its size.
A New Beginning Norm Russell - Ever wish you could go back and do something over again? This great sermon is all about starting over. Drawn from 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. This is not to be missed - please listen to this one, especially if you think it is too late for you.


Ronnie Kinnaird - Speaks very sensitively but directly about baptism - One of the most important, and common-sense sermons you're likely to hear that "lays it on the line" and pulls no punches. Be sure to hear and share this one!. He is a truly gifted speaker. (Note: This is our single most-downloaded lesson - it is THAT important!) 



"God Is Always Watching Over You" (02-14-16)

Glenn Williams "God Is Always Watching Over You" Aheartwarming lesson by Glenn Williams about how God watches over us always. Sometimes, we wonder how so many bad days happen and it seems like none are good any more This lesson from many verses of scripture shows in great detail how we CAN HAVE good days. The Bible promises it- . 

"The Blessings of Jesus and Family" (02-07-16)

Norm Russell - "The Blessings of Jesus and Family" -  Even as greatly blessed as Mary (the mother of Jesus) was to have brought Him into the world, Jesus said that the blessings on those who hear the Word and obey it will receive an even greater blessing. The point of this lesson is Jesus offers an exceptional blessing for those who follow Him. Powerful!!

"Keeping A Clean House" (01-31-16)

Norm Russell -  "Keeping A Clean House" Based on Luke 11:24-26 Norm teaches on how to maintain a clean house in a spiritual sense. Jesus provided a cleansing so many years ago, and it still happens today. It is a work of God and made possible by of Jesus, and the cleansing is complete in every way. Satan, on the other hand, would like us to always remember what God has forgiven, so that we won't feel worthy of His enormous gift.

Nobody Is Beyond Hope (01-24-16)

Glenn Williams - "Nobody Is Beyond Hope" - Lesson from Jeremiah chapter 6, talking about the Children of Israel and whether or not they were ashamed when they were committing the sins and such that they were doing. This important lesson drives home on very important point: God can forgive sins. ALL sins, not just the little ones! A very positive lessons with all the scriptural proofs and references to prove what he is saying.

Satan Is A Real Person (01-17-2016)

Norm Russell - "Satan Is A Real Person" -  Far too many people try to live out their lives without fully realizing this. The lesson here will help you with this, and help you live your life more successfully. It is a lesson that can make your life better, and one everyone should hear. Please listen to it and share it with others, it is an extremely important lesson.

Who & What Is God? (01-10-2016)

Norm Russell - . "Who and What Is God?" Examining our own personal ideas of who and what God is. The greatest question before all of mankind is who and what God is. And how do you perceive God. It is very important to examine your own perception of God and make sure that it is a correct one. This very helpful lesson will give you tools you can use in your own life to examine your perception of God and make sure it is on the right track.

Teach Us To Pray - Part 2 (01-03-16)

Norm Russell - "Teach Us To Pray - Part 2" - Continues about importance of prayer. The point is to drive home why we teach so much about prayer - it's because it is SO VERY IMPORTANT in our walk with God that we spend time in prayer. That's because it keeps us in touch with God. These lessons are vital to our Christian living, please hear them. 

Teach Us To Pray - Part 1 (12-27-15)

Norm Russell - "Teach Us To Pray - Part 1" - Part 1: This lesson covers the first three elements of what Jesus set forth as important for prayer. Understand though, there is -no such thing- as a "Lord's Prayer" (such as what we read in Matthew 6:9-15) in real life; instead, it's an outline Jesus gave the disciples so they could understand what to do. This lesson teaches US the basics of what to do, and is continued in next week's lesson as well.

In God's Own Timing 12-20-15

Norm Russell - "In God's Own Timing" - The core of this lesson is about God doing things in HIS own time line, not ours. This lesson also goes into the detail of Jesus birth, and although the date of Jesus actual birth is not really known, what is most important that He was born, and that it occurred in God's timing. This lesson will help you realize just who and what our Savior is and help you get the feeling of the HUMAN side of Him as well as the SPIRIT side of Him. A very good lesson!

Teach Me How To Pray 12-13-15

Norm Russell - "Teach Me How To Pray" - A lesson on how important prayer is, and how important it is that we teach our children how to pray and what it means to pray. It is also very important that we teach others that God does answer prayer, and that it is not something you do just because you were told to, not really believing that anything would really happen. This is a wonderful lesson on how to rebuild your prayer life and how to get it "out of the closet" and back into a meaningful part of your life.

Seeking Jesus 12-06-15

Norm Russell - "Seeking Jesus" - How to seek and find Jesus.  Seek him in your private moments, while reading scripture, in worship, and in our private worship. Seek Him through His teachings. Seek Him when we can free ourselves from our distractions and, embrace His righteousness, and press on and not give up.

We Will All Live Forever, Won't We? 11-29-15

Norm Russell - "We Will All Live Forever, Won't We?" This lesson asks "What must I do to inherit Eternal Life?" When we die, we will in deed live forever, but the Bible teaches that the real question is not "Will I live forever?" but  "Where will I live forever?" - there are only two possibilities. Heaven or Hell, like it or not...  Learn more here. 

Our God Reigns 11-22-15

Glenn Williams - "Our God Reigns" - Drawn from Isaiah 42:8-9 and other sources, this is God speaking up and affirming that HE is in control, and we are not. God is God. We are not. We need to be reminded of that now and then. This detailed lesson goes on to remind that we're in no place to demand anything from God but can live in His service in a happy and encouraging way. This is an UPLIFTING lesson - please listen!

We Are Called To Go Part 2 - 11-15-15

Norm Russell - "We Are Called To Go" - (Part 2)  Continuing the information about the account of the 72 being sent out to do God's work, so that the people could see the effects of God's grace. How its more important that God's word is being proclaimed and preached than it is the circumstances or "rewards" of those who were doing it. 

We Are Called To Go Part 1 - 11-08-15

Norm Russell - "We Are Called To Go" - (Part 1) Drawn from Luke 10, this lesson tells about the sending of the 72 out to the various cities, traveling light (don't take money, food, etc) and living on the generous nature of those they meet. Those who were kind to the travelers were blessed. Those who treated them unkindly were not...this is a very detailed story, and is part 1 of 2 lessons that speak of the 72. 

The Cost of Discipleship 11-01-15

Norm Russell - "The Cost of Discipleship" - What about if churches lowered their standards ONLY to fill their buildings? Filling their buildings with MEMBERS, and not DISCIPLES. What if God lowered HIS standards only to fill up Heaven? This lesson goes into detail about how dangerous it would be if we lower God's standards only to draw people in... His standards must NOT be changed, -we- are what must change.

The Turning Point 10-25-15

Norm Russell - "The Turning Point" - Jesus is about to go be going to Jerusalem. He's been training disciples for his departure. He foretold his disciples that he was to be turned over to those who would kill Him. At this point, will be the turning of the tide in Jerusalem, and Jesus has set the stage. He will once and for all defeat Satan. Jesus is on a "secret mission" here, this lesson tells all about what is to happen.

The Dangers of Pride 10-18-15

Norm Russell - "The Dangers of Pride" -  This is a lesson about pride, drawn from Proverbs 6:16-17: "There are 6 things that God hates, 7 are an abomination." The first is haughty eyes (pride). This lesson is about pride, and its dangers. Many of us think that pride is a good thing to have, but it can haunt God's people. Hear this lesson to learn the good from the bad. This is a powerful lesson we can all learn a lot from.

Norm Russell 10-11-15

Norm Russell - "Lessons From Luke" - Norm continues his series of lessons from the book of Luke after returning from a month-long vacation. 


Glenn Williams "Being Militant" - Glenn has an excellent lesson from the book of Daniel and 2 Samuel 24 about how the church needs to be more "militant" in fighting against the forces of the evils that will seek to weaken the church. 

Norm Russell 08-23-15

Lessons From Luke - Norm continues his series of lessons from the book of Luke. 

Norm Russell 08-16-15

Lessons From Luke - Norm continues his series of lessons from the book of Luke. 

Baptism: History & Importance 07-19-15

  Ronnie Kinnaird - "Baptism: History & Importance" lesson about some of the last words Jesus spoke to His disciples, about going into all the world and preaching the Word. This lesson is also about the history and importance of baptism. It is a fantastic lesson, not to be missed! It's very likely you'll learn things you didn't know before.

Living Our Lives 07-12-15

  Norm Russell "Living Our Lives" provides a simple lesson here on how we need to continue to live our lives. It is an exceptional sermon which continues series of lessons from Luke.

Making the Right Choice 07-05-15

  Norm Russell - "Making the Right Choice" This is a great lesson drawn from Luke 8:26-39 about the man who lived naked and alone in the tombs due to being possessed by demons. Norm brings out several things to be learned from it: about the demons themselves, about hell (called The Abyss) and about the power of God. This is truly a story of good and evil, showing the confrontation in plain words. It is a lesson about knowing your enemy, about knowing the truth, and also about knowing your own limitations. As well, it is a lesson about cleansing and faith in God's work.

Are You Listening? 06-21-15

  Norm Russell - "Are You Listening?" - Luke 8:16-21 is the basis of this excellent lesson about why it is important to pay attention to God and others. We pay attention to God because God's truth matures us. In our maturity, we show the fruits of the Spirit and that we have an unwavering faith in God and an unsatisfied HUNGER for God.

God and Dedication 06-14-15

  Norm Russell - "God and Dedication" - This is a sermon about dedication. Norm begins this sermon speaking of the parable of the sower, and briefly went over the meanings of the different parts. Then, as we join this sermon (in progress, see below) he compares it to the dedication of modern-day farmers. (Sound level is high due to tech issues, so turn down at first then adjust up)

Serving Faithfully 06-07-15

  Norm 6-7-15 - "Serving Faithfully" - This is an excellent sermon based on the first verses of Luke chapter 8, where it tells of the women who served with Christ and how and why they did so. It was not for any -glory- or anything, but out of humility. This is a great story!

What's The News  05-31-15

  Ronnie Kinnaird - "What's the News, What's the News..." This is a lesson about the Good News of Jesus Christ - not just the type of warm and fuzzy lesson you probably expect when you hear a title like this - this is how God and Man mix together well and the wonder of how God created us. 

Opportunity Knocks - 05-17-15

  Norm Russell - "Opportunity Knocks." Based on Luke 7 chapter 36-50, this is the story of the sinful woman who came to Jesus when she had heard he would be there, and cried on his feet, washing them with her hair and putting an expensive bottle of Alabaster on them. Many sins, she was considered and outcast - a woman of shame - and Simon was puzzled as to why Jesus would even have anything to do with her.

Mother's Day (and others!) 05-10-15

  Norm Russell - "Mother's Day" - A special sermon about the awesome responsibility placed upon not only mothers, but fathers, grandparents, and even those who have never had a child who are the "surrogate" influence on a child. Aunts, uncles, all - listen, please - this one is for you. 

The Source of Doubt 05-03-15

  Norm Russell - "The Source of Doubt" - Ever wonder where self-doubt comes from? This lesson will answer that question. It tells of a man who experienced personal defeat, who had fell victim to cultural influences and suffered from misguided expectations. The RESPONSE to doubt is to look to Jesus. To develop close relationships, and refuse to surrender. Victory comes through faith: faith in God, faith in God's Promises, and faith in God's work

Not Ashamed of the Gospel - 04-05-15

  Norm Russell (Easter Sermon) "Not Ashamed of the Gospel" The lesson is based on the Apostle Paul's teachings about how perfect the Cross of Christ is for everyday people like you and me - the cross being the very power of God Himself. "Not ashamed of the Gospel" is the main idea. 

The True Church

  Mike Armor 3-29-15 - "The True Church" - Exceptional sermon by Mike Armor, examining the church (in Ephesians) in detail and telling what the church should TRULY be like in its finest form. A great lesson!

Williams 03-22-15

Glenn Williams 03-22-15

"Seeing  Yourself As You Really Are" 03-15-15

Norm Russell "Seeing Yourself As You Really Are" - Do you really see yourself as you truly are? This lesson asks if we truly do - and if we are actually magnifying the faults of others compared to our own. This is also a lesson about forgiveness, which is a requirement in Christianity, not an option, when it comes to dealing with others.  

"Challenges" - 03-01-15

Norm Russell - "Challenges" - What it is like to move from a lifestyle that has no spiritual influence to one that does - how difficult it is to do so. This can help help us understand what it will be like for those first entering the faith - a good reminder to help us help others. 

Russell 02-27-15

  Norm Russell 02-27-15 - 

Russell 02-15-15

  Norm Russell 02-15-15 - 

Russell 02-01-15

  Norm Russell - 02-01-15 - Please listen and comment. 

The Truth About Leprosy 01-18-15

  Norm Russell - "The Truth About Leprosy" - In this revealing lesson, Norm goes into the details (from Luke 5) about what it was like to suffer in Bible days of Leprosy - a disease that even to this date has no cure. Note that a disease is not the only thing that can set us apart - listen and hear all about it. God's Promises, and faith in God's work. 

Remembering Our Ancestors 11-09-14

  Norman Russell : "Remembering Our Ancestors" - This lesson from Luke deals with the differences between the gospel accounts and how important it is for us to remember those in our genealogy that have gone on before us. It is a very good, detailed, lesson.

"Strength in Numbers" 11-02-14

  Norman Russell: "Strength in Numbers" This is a sermon teaching how important it is for us all to get together, stick together, and meet together to share our strengths with each other. It's a very important lesson, hard to do it justice with this explanation. Please hear it. 

"Celebrations and Festivals 10-19-14"

  Silas Shotwell  speaks about celebrations and festivals. References to the Jewish festival in ancient days around harvest time (what we know as October) the Feast of Tabernacles and other celebrations, and how important it was, and how the idea of holding various celebrations affects us, and MUCH MORE. A truly amazing lesson about many things!


  New sermon posting by Norm Russell. Description to come. They're all good... :-)

"Our Relationship with God - 10-12-14"

  Norm Russell - This is a great sermon that tells about how our relationship with God is formed and nurtured, and how we can grow as Christians. It's hard to describe details lessons like this in 2-3 lines, but please hear it - you won't be disappointed. 

"Our Personal Worship - 09-21-14"

  Glenn Williams - "Our Personal Worship" - How important our personal worship is to God, not just the time we spend in "corporate" (group) worship, but alone with Him.


  New sermon posting by Norm Russell. Description to come. They're all good... :-)


  New sermon posting by Gabe Shorb. Description to come. They're all good... :-)


  New sermon posting by Norm Russell. Description to come. They're all good... :-)

"2014-08-17 - Being Countercultural "

  Norm Russell - "Being Countercultural" - Based on Romans 12:14-21 this lessons speaks of how Christians need to be counter-culteral in some ways - forgiving those who offend us, blessing those who despise us, and watching out for those who are in need. What to do, and what NOT to do as Christian

"2014-08-10 - A Sacrificial Life"

   Norman Russell - Based on Romans 12:3-13, this excellent lesson discusses how Christians live life of humility, sharing our gifts of service with others.

"2014-03-09 Called to Serve"

  Norman Russell - "Called to Serve." Very good sermon about how we are to be servants first to the Lord, with our life directed towards God. Our mission in life is God-given, our service is why we were saved. The lesson details what Christian life should be like.


  Norman Russell - "Doing Church" - So often times we hear people who have not seen each other for a while say "-Hey - we should get together and do lunch..." Well... this no-nonsense lesson DOING CHURCH and doing it right lays it on the line.

"2014-06-22 Value of the Family"

  Norman Russell - This lesson was about the value of friend and family. That is a bit of an understatement, to say the least. Be sure to listen to this one

"2014-06-15 - Call me Father"

  Glenn Williams - A wonderful lesson for all of us about what it is like to be children of God, and being able to call him Father

"2014-04-20 - Relationships with God"

  Norman Russell - This was a great lesson, and although it was given on Easter Sunday the lesson is more far-reaching and deals with the individual and personal relationships we have with God. This in-depth lesson on our relationship is great for those who are new to the thought and presence of God, and will surely refresh and reaffirm the commitments of those who are already members of God's kingdom.

"2014-04-13 Qualifications of Elders and deacons"

  Norman Russell - This sermon was given on a day when we were adding additional elders and deacons to our leadership, and was the final lesson about their value and purpose. It is a really good lesson about what they do and why we need them. There had been several lessons leading up to this point as we chose additional men from our group to help with the leadership, and this was sort of a summary of all of them. If your congregation is ready to select elders or deacons, or if you just wondered what they are all about and the scriptural basis (and requirements) for them, this is a great lesson for those questions.

"2014-04-06 Being an Ambassador"

  Norman Russell speaks on the subject of the attack on our embassy in Libya 9-11-2012 and being an ambassador. How is it that our embassy could be attacked and nobody seems to know the details? We still ask questions about the breakdown in communications, just as we did about the attack on 9/11/01. The broader scope of this lesson is about what it is like to be an ambassador in a foreign land, just as Paul was in the Bible days, and how we need to be properly armored against what seeks to destroy us.

"2014-03-30 The Source of the Word"

  Norman Russell - This lesson examines the very source of the Word of God, reminding us that all scripture is God given and God breathed, even though recorded by mortal men at direction. It goes on to describe the power of God in our lives.


  3-9-14 - Norm Russell - lesson on Christianity and  family life by a master preacher of over 30 years experience. A detail of the lesson will be provided soon. 


  3-2-14 - Norm Russell - lesson on Christianity and  family life by a master preacher of over 30 years experience. A detail of the lesson will be provided soon. 


  Ronnie Kinnaird - A great lesson on Christianity and  family life by a masterful preacher of over 40 years experience. A detail of the lesson will be provided soon. 

"Understand and Obey (01-19-14)

  Norman Russell - "Understand and Obey" - This lesson is about how families are supposed to be, with a reminder of what is TRULY important. Lots of historical and Biblical examples on how to raise children and enhance family life 

Teaching God to people with no concept of God (01-12-14)

  This wonderful lesson goes into how Mike Armor and his team went to teach people with no Bible background at all. No idea what a bible is - what chapters are, verses are, etc. This is a truly great sermon, and should be considered  "required hearing" for all who reach out to others. 

2013 -11/10/13

  Sermon by Norman Russell - Christian life. Description to come.

2013 11/3/13

  Sermon by Norman Russell - Christian life. Description to come. 

"In the world, but not of the world" (10/27/13)

  Norman Russell -An excellent sermon about what it means to be in, but not of, the world around us. Even though we are living among many of the ungodly, and are intended to do so, we're not to be like them and adopt their ways. This lesson will help you learn how to do this.


  Sermon by Norman Russell - Christian life. Description to come.

"Keep A Lid On It!" 07-14-2013 

  Norman Russell - "Keep A  Lid On It!" - This EXCEPTIONAL sermon is a must for everyone. It's all about anger, how to control it, and how to deal with our "natural" inclinations toward anger. Please share this lesson worldwide!

"Telling the Truth!" 07-07-2013 

  Norman Russell - "Telling the Truth" -  This lesson has some amazing facts and statistics about how much LYING is a part of our daily life - you'll be amazed when you hear this. However, lying and telling the absolute truth also has some scriptural implications... and Christian or not I think you will find this lesson extremely interesting.


  Reserved space, sermon coming later.

"Getting it Right" 06-23-2013 

  Norman Russell - Getting it Right Sometimes we can lose our perspective when we look at what is happening to the churches. We become guilty of trying to get things the way WE want them with the least possible "cost" to ourselves or our current habits and way of life. This lesson gets back on the right course. God's rules have -not- changed.

"God in Control" 06-16-2013 

  2013-06-16 - "God in Control" - A guest speaker applying for our youth minister position speaks about fear, and being afraid. How he learned to control his fear, and realizing that God is ALWAYS in control, no matter what. 

"A Way of Escape" 06-09-2013 

  Norman Russell - "A Way of Escape" - The importance of keeping our lives focused on God, and not trying to see how close we can get our spiritual toes to the line between what is good and what is not good. How easy it is to succumb to sin, and desperate our situation becomes when it does. Lesson recommended for teenagers and above.

"Finding the Church 05-26-2013 

   Norman Russell - Recognizing Our Blessings - This interesting lesson will cause you to take a moment and reflect on the things that we enjoy, as a result of the hard work and expense of those who have gone before. It also asks the probing question, "If Paul were looking for the church in your town today, could he find it? Hear and consider...  


   Norman Russell - "Losing God's Reverence" - Understanding the consequences of what we do. How much our daily lives have changed to the point where we have "lost" the reverence towards God that is His due. What to do in this dangerous situation.


  Reserved space for a misplaced sermon... 

"The Lord's Supper" 05-05-2013 

   Ronnie Kinnaird - The Lord's Supper - What it is, what it means, and why it is so very important to us. An excellent lesson by a masterful teacher, based on 1 Peter 2:9 and other scriptures. If you want to know what the Lord's Supper ( sometimes called a Communion or Communion Service ) is all about, this is the lesson for you.

"Finding Godly Success" 04-21-13

  Norman Russell - This is a great lesson on what it means to be truly successful, not as the world sees it, but as God sees it. The lesson goes on to tell just what we may have to risk in order to be successful. Paul accepted his ministry as a trust between him and Jesus - and as his privilege to share the Gospel. So can we!

"Ambassadors for Christ" 04-14-13

  Norman Russell  Conflicts between nations have been around as long as there have been nations. Nations depend on ambassadors to resolve problems. Problems also happen when people treat others they don't even know as potential opponents, instead of possible -friends-. It's our job to win people to Christ, not judge them. 

A New Start on Life - 03-31-13

  Norman Russell - "A New Start on Life" - This one was great. It tells about the entire plan that God has for us, and why the risen Savior is so important to us. I think that this lesson would be especially useful for someone who was wondering about how valuable God thinks they are, and how much God actually cares for them. It's a good lesson for someone looking for how to get a new start on life. Please share it with others.

"Self Worth" - 03-13-13

  Mike Armor - "Self Worth" - by Mike Armor as he concluded a 3-day workshop. This lesson will help anyone who is really feeling down to feel better about themselves and their own self-worth. This is an essential lesson - please hear it


  Norm Russell - Description to come. Sunday morning sermon. 


  Norm Russell - Description to come. Sunday morning sermon. 


  Norm Russell - Description to come. Sunday morning sermon. 

"Prescription for a Safe Journey" - 01-06-13 

  Norm Russell "Prescription for a Safe Journey" - The lesson is drawn from Hebrews 10 verses 19-25. Christians at that time were becoming weary of their struggles. They needed to realize that Jesus had opened the way to God, and made Him approachable instead of just the priest's yearly sacrifice. This lesson goes on to tell how we can ALL approach God and the throne of His grace.

Russell 11-11-12 - "A Different Kingdom"

  Norman Russell - "A Different Kingdom" - The purpose of this lesson is to contrast the Kingdom of God with the "Kingdoms" of this world. It tells what makes Jesus stand out above all world leaders, and how the Kingdom of Christ stands out from the rest of the world. This is also a lesson about family values and how we govern our lives.  

Russell 11-04-12 -Dying to Self

  Norman Russell - "Dying to Self" - Continuing the subject about "Radical Love" that Jesus teaches us to have. We were called to love each other deeply - and sometimes it's not at all easy - but it can be done. The lesson will teach you how to avoid self-centeredness and look to the welfare of others..

Russell 10-28-12 - Radical Love

  Norman Russell - "Radical Love" - the kind unreachable in this life, the kind that Jesus has called us to in our love for each other. We may not be able to -reach- it, but this lesson will at least help you understand it and come as close as you can to actually practicing it.

Kinnaird 10-21-12

  Ronnie Kinnaird - A lesson from Acts 8:3-4: A lesson on Phillip when he was teaching and touching many lives. This is the story of the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch, telling of his baptism and how important baptism is and how we must reach out and teach others.

Russell 10-14-12

  Norman Russell - "Obedience" - If we were never taught as children to obey instruction in the first place, we will never understand why its necessary. Importance of teaching children obedience in the home. This lesson centers around obedience to Christ, and the responsibilities we all have to each other.

Life Is Fun! 09-09-12

  Norm Russell - "Life is Fun!" - In this heartfelt sermon, Norm offers a very personal lesson about how our Christian life is not supposed to be all drudgery and worry. Life can be fun, and still stick to the Bible. Also, he goes on to teach how we can dare to dream and "reach for the stars" no matter what our current circumstance may be. He also shares some very personal aspects of his childhood and upbringing... the kind of things that tell you he's speaking directly from his heart. 

Russell 09-02-12

  Norman Russell - Lesson about "polarizing individuals" and their ability to be divisive. This is not always bad. Jesus was divisive, too, in that He set the standard as to what we were expected to give up in order to properly serve and follow Him. This is NOT a negative lesson, just the opposite. Hear it and see - you'll like it!

Calming Our Storms 08-26-12

  Norm Russell - In this lesson, Jesus returns to His home town of Nazareth and goes into the synagogue to teach. But they didn't really KNOW Him. Jesus came to bring peace to us all and calm our storms. It is an impassioned and educational lesson, and will help you to understand the person of Christ. From calming the storms on the Sea of Galilee to the storms of your own life, Jesus can help if you'll only give Him a chance. Good for people feeling lost and alone.

Note 8-19-12

argh! Sorry, but due to equipment failure, no sermon was recorded on 8/19/12.

Treading Water - 08-12-12

  Ben Cook - This lesson was given during "Beach Fest" where teens from all over gathered with us for a devotional weekend. The lesson centers on how some people are not gaining anything in their Christian walk, not drowning yet, but not getting any better, either. This excellent lesson "lays it on the line" about the subjects of Heaven and Hell.

Come To the Feast - 08-05-12

  Norm Russell - A truly exceptional retelling of the story of the king whose son was about to be married and he sent out invitations to special people, all of which declined him, and what happened next. Maybe you've heard this one before, but Norm's way is special in the way that he tells all of the details BEHIND the story and applies it to today.

Making Positive Changes 07-29-12

  Tom Pruett - How we must have the courage to try new things that benefit the church, but only if they meet the requirements laid out in Scripture as beneficial, and how to know it if they do, as Jesus did in His day, and we can do it in OUR day. This is a great lesson with many historical anecdotes and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Story of the Sabbath 

Russell 07-22-12

  Norm Russell - "Story of the Sabbath" - The story of Jesus when He healed the man with the withered hand while in public at the synagogue on the Sabbath. The pharasees who were present were trying to entrap Him, because they felt it unlawful if He violated the traditions of the Sabbath day. In reality, it was them who were "between a rock and a hard spot" so to speak. This lesson is rich with the 'story behind the story' details and the lessons and customs of the day, be sure to hear it. 

The Lord's Supper - 07-15-12

  Norm Russell - This masterful lesson centers and focuses on the significance and importance of the Lord's Supper, and why Jesus started it. Further, it goes on to explain the very personal aspects of what it should be to each of us which words here just can't adequately describe. This is a must-have for all Christians, please hear it right away.

Are You Willing to Pay the price? - 07-01-12

  Norm Russell - "Are You Willing to Pay the Price?" This stirring sermon encourages us to realize that if we truly want to make things better in our lives, then its sure to come with a cost. The most important part of the cost is already paid, if we'll accept it. Sometimes, our own fear of the cost of achieving what we want prevents us from even attempting it. This will help you make the right choice!

Jesus the Morning Star - 07-08-12

  Norm Russell - "Morning Star" - Some people get depressed and think that Satan is in control of our world and we have no way to defeat him. It's true he exists, but he is not all-powerful, God is. This is an excellent lesson about how we often have to deal with the consequences of our own mistakes, and how we -must- make a commitment to Jesus, and KEEP that commitment. More details coming soon. Recorded July 8, 2012. 

Jesus and the Church - 06-24-12

  Norm Russell - "Jesus and the Church" - This lesson tells how Jesus is the revelation of God, and the image of God as well. Jesus is the firstborn and the creator, and that which holds everything together. Likewise, Jesus is the head of the church, since the church is His body and the church is sustained by Him. Additionally, as with Carter's lesson below, it also explores the true "humanity" of Christ when He walked among us. I'm sure you'll like this lesson as much as I did. Suitable for all audiences. 

Being Like the Jesus Christ as He was when human - 06-17-12

  Carter Davis: The Bible teaches that we are to be like Jesus. It also teaches that Jesus lived as we do on the earth. In this exceptional lesson, Carter points out that since we are supposed to be like Jesus and cannot be like Him as He was like God, we can at least be like Him as he was like US when He was among us. He was a caring, feeling, compassionate person; even justifiably angry in some situations when He saw a wrong being done. This is a very encouraging lesson, and suitable for all ages.

Mountain Top Experiences 6-10-12

  Norman Russell - A great sermon about what a mountain-top experience really is, and how dangerous they could be.


  Norm Russell - "Keeping in Touch" - How our methods of communicating have changed over time, even just over his own lifetime. One thing never changes, though: How easy, personal, and effective it is to communicate with God. This lesson also explores how rich we are in spiritual blessings even though we often don't even realize it.

Eastern European Ministries 05-20-12

  Ben Mereness, (a guest speaker from Eastern European Ministries) talks about Go and Tell, Send and Tell, and Show and tell. How EEM has grown from a small group from the USA going to Austria to spread the word to sending Bibles and other materials to whole school districts in the Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries. Teachers are using Bibles to teach their children about Christ and Christian values.

Mary, the Dedicated  Mother of Jesus 05-13-12

  Norm Russell - "Mary, the Dedicated Mother."  Thoughts about how it must have been for Mary and Joseph when they learn she is pregnant and how it came to be, and the tough situation Joseph was in during this time, not to mention Mary! This is a very thought-provoking lesson about a mother's responsibility and dedication to their child. 

How Does Faith Come? 04-29-12

  Todd Tripp: From Hebrews 11: How Does Faith come? The importance of believing the whole Bible, and how important it is to have faith that God will do what He says He will do. Todd gives several examples of men of faith from the scriptures. A good historical lesson, which still applies today.

Our Spiritual Clothing - 04-22-12

  Dave Dowlen, guest speaker, teaches from Galatians 3, how we are all sons and daughter of Jesus, and all one in Christ Jesus, clothed in His righteousness. There is a common saying that "clothes make the man" - Dave's lesson teaches us how to examine and evaluate our spiritual clothing and see what we are inside. 

The Cowboy Churches 04-11-12

  Steve Russell - "Cowboy Church" - speaks on the subject of Cowboy Churches which are becoming popular across our nation, and how they reach out to a segment of the population which has not been directly addressed before.

Jesus and the Children - 03-18-12

    Norm Russell - "Jesus and the Children." Norm speaks of the simple truth of the song "Jesus Loves Me" that most of us were taught from childhood, and asks just when and why it was that we stopped singing the song. Do we doubt God? Do we think it's "just for kids?" Or do we realize the meaning behind it, and how much Jesus cares about HIS children? It's time to get back to the basics, and what is truly important. 

Dealing With Our Limitations 03-11-12

   Norm Russell - Dealing with our limitations, and lack of competence in some areas. How we need to make sure we don't get "big-headed" and remember that we still need God to help us. This is not to say that we should go around with a "defeatist" attitude, only that we need to know where our limits are. This sermon will help you define that.

Christian or Disciple


  Norman Russell - An engaging sermon about the differences between being just a "Christian" and being a "Disciple" of Christ. Which are you? This will help you find out.

The Birth of Jesus


  Norm Russell - "The birth of Christ" This lesson speaks about the past holidays, people that visited Bethlehem, and how the birth of Christ is told in the Bible. Norm goes into some excellent detail about how things were handled in Jesus' day, gives details about Joseph and Mary, and clears up some of the common misunderstandings about the time of His birth, and the "life and times" during which Jesus is born.
The New Year - 01-01-12 Guest speaker "Gabe" speaks about starting the new year properly, setting goals, and appreciating what we have.
God's Mystery Revealed 12-04-11 Norman Russell - All about  creation and our lives, from our very first formulation to the Revelation.
Four Kinds of Love 11-27-11   Clint Cole - "Four Kinds of Love" - Clint discusses the four different uses of the word "love" in scripture, gives us good examples of each. Amazing how they differ.
Living by Faith 11-20-11   Norman Russell -"Living by Faith". Thanking God, reach out and keep trusting!
Relevance of the church 11-13-11   Norm Russell - "Relevance of the Church" - the church must remain relevant to the people it works to help. We can't change our mission or purpose, but we do need to make sure we're meeting the needs of those we teach. The Bible is THE standard by which the church must operate. This will help you be sure you're doing so.
Freedom - 11-06-11   Norm Russell - "Freedom" - In spite of the world we live in we can still be free. There is freedom waiting for those in the world, freedom for those who are in Christ and freedom within the Church.
What is Man
Norman Russell - What is man, that God should be mindful of him? This thought-provoking lesson will make you feel better about yourself.
Our Changing World
Norman Russell - Our Changing World - How no matter how much the world changes around us, some things MUST remain the same. A very touching lesson that will enhance your life, especially if you've been feeling "down" lately.
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
Ronnie Kinnaird - An excellent historical sermon by a gifted speaker about Abraham and his wife, and the challenges they faced. Also about how God promised to reward them (and did) even though they could not see how it was possible.
A New Beginning
Norm Russell - Ever wish you could go back and do something over again? This great sermon is all about starting over. Drawn from 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. This is not to be missed - please listen to this one, especially if you think it is too late for you.
A Strong Finish -
Norm Russell - This is an excellent lesson that takes place as Paul writes his final letter to Timothy as Paul is in prison awaiting execution. Paul's concern was not for himself, but for the future of the church. Will Timothy follow through with his promises? Will the church survive? He goes on to give personal encouragements to Timothy, as he will replace Paul and he wants him to be strong and continue in his place.
Stepping Out of the Boat 09-18-11 Steve Russell - Steve Russell - "Stepping Out Of the Boat" - Having the faith to focus directly on God and believe in what He promises. Full description coming soon.
Importance of the Lord's Supper - 09-11-11 Norm Russell - The value of memorials and remembering what has gone on before. How it is valuable to keep on reminding future generations what was important, and why. The disciples with Jesus in the upper room did not understand what was going on either, and how important of a memorial this last supper with Jesus was to become. A great lesson on the origin and importance of the Lord's Supper, often called "Communion." 
How Can We Ever Win? 09-04-11 Looking at the odds against us, sometimes we wonder how we could ever possibly "win" the battle. God has given us as workers to the people of the world. We live in the one state in the US with the least churches. There are more churches around the city of Nashville, TN than in all of Oregon. But God has called us to take the Gospel to the community, even if it is like "trying to move the Pacific Ocean with a spoon." God =will= make it possible. It has already happened before: 11 people taught "all of the creation under Heaven" (Col 1:23). This is a very encouraging lesson!
Honesty & Core Values of the church 08-28-11 Norman Russell - 'Honesty and Core Values'- From Ecclesiastes 7, Norm is continuing his multi-part series on the examining the insides of the church and what it should be like. This lesson deals with being compassionate towards others, and goes on to define the values the church should have. It is the core values of a church (and persons) that defines what we are and what we do. Exhalation of Jesus Christ is a Core Value. Are we a church BECAUSE of Jesus, or a church in spite (regardless) of Jesus? This lesson goes on to carefully examine what we SAY to make sure it is concert with what we actually DO every day. 
Where is God When Bad Things Happen   8-21-11 Where is God when bad things happen? In this past week, one of our members named Tina out of the blue was diagnosed with a serious illness. Additionally, two local teenagers which many members knew lost their lives in an auto accident. We have to wonder sometimes, Where is God when this kind of thing happens? Norm's sermon is intended to help us make sense of things like this, and to answer that question. 
Introspection - A Look At Ourselves 8-14-11 Norm Russell - "Introspection - A Look At Ourselves" In this sermon much different (as he said) from any he's ever done before, Norm takes an introspective look at the church as it exists today. He examines what he sees as bot the good points, and the "other points" of the church. This is a very rewarding lesson, a little longer than most, but a treasure in our collection here.
Real Christian Families 08-07-2011 Silas Fitzsimmons - "Real Christian Families" - Many picture the "ideal Christian family" as one who looks like those in TV shows, never having a problem, never undergoing any stress, all smiles all the way. Silas presents an intriguing lesson here on what Christian families are -really- like, and you'll probably find they are a lot like you - ordinary people doing the best they can with God's help. 
Sneaky Satan


Silas Fitzsimmons - "Sneaky Satan" - Silas deals with some of Satan's tricks - such as bringing bad things on us gradually to the point that we don't notice until it's too late. This is a great sermon about how we must always be vigilant and gives some great ideas how to do that. (Silas was guest speaker at our youth rally held this weekend)
Life's Setbacks 


Norman Russell - Sometimes Life just doesn't go the way you planned it would. This thought-provoking lesson will teach you how to deal with that, and give some suggestions on making unplanned "unhappy things" easier to deal with. Will this lesson solve all of your problems? Probably not. Will it help? Definitely. 
Behind Closed Doors 
Norman Russell -Continuing the lesson series about David, speaks of his relationship with his father. The lesson is about the importance of fatherhood, as well as the serious mistakes David made. About the terrible things that can go on behind closed doors we would not expect. How are things with YOUR family? Listen to this and then check.   
Merchants of Misery 04-03-11 Norman Russell - "Merchants of Misery" - Sometimes it seems that some people and situations come into our lives to do nothing but make us miserable. This lesson can help you deal with it, and can teach you a lot about these situations. Please hear it. 
Chasing the Wind 03-13-11 Norman Russell - "Chasing the Wind" - in this lesson, Norm teaches about jealousy, and goes back to the days of King Saul. David and the king were the best of friends. Yet, there was one small "innocent" statement made during a celebration parade.. "Saul has killed his thousands and David his tens-of-thousands.. "made in praise of the king that drove the king and David apart - and it lasted until the king's death. Avoid this!
Discounted People?


Norman Russell -"When You Are Discounted." A lesson on how people sometimes treat us as less than they should. How God never treats a person any differently due to their status, strengths, failures, or anything else. God is only interested in your heart. Includes the story of David and his faithfulness to wait on God's promises. 
David & Goliath 02-27-11 Norman Russell - "David and Goliath" - a re-telling of a familiar story but in a new and different way. This is a story of inspiration. Discusses why this story is valuable and that it is, indeed - a true story.  This lesson gives a lot of historic detail about what battles were like in those days. 
Godly Role Models


Norman Russell - "Godly Role Models" - This inspiring sermon teaches about the value of selecting role models to help guide our lives. It also teaches on the value of creativity in solving problems, and the changes in the church that have happened in recent years. We're responsible for much of our own circumstances.  Drawn from Philippians Chapter 4, where Paul was in prison (again) and still managed to remain positive. 
Where is MINE? 01-16-11 Norman Russell - "Where is Mine?" Although the first minutes of this lesson are missing, this story about some of the trials we all go through is easy to understand and identify with. It addresses the common struggle we all have of "If life is supposed to be so good and blessings abundant, where did mine go?" (Note: The sound quality is a little lower than usual on this one, as it had to be recorded on tape that week instead of CD)
01-09-11 - "The Polar Star Part 2" The Polar Star - Conclusion. These are two of the most impressive and encouraging sermons I have heard in a long time. I'm sure you'll like them.  
01-02-11 - "The Polar Star Part 1"   Norman Russell - "The Polar Star" - This impressive sermon tells about how we can use our "guide star" to guide our lives and stay on a proper Christian course. When we have a point of reference that never changes, we can change to make a proper course. I really liked this lesson and its application, and think you will to. 


  Norman Russell - A lesson on how we celebrate Christmas and what the true meaning of it should be to us. About the necessity to keep a proper focus in our lives. 
Runaway Parents


   Norman Russell - The problems we currently face with "runaway parents." There are currently 18 MILLION single parents, raising 21 MILLION children. America alone has 127,000 children waiting to be adopted, and the world has 143,000,000 orphans. This lesson speaks to the value of marriage, stable parental and family relationships. Speaks also of what our congregation is doing to help, and the obligations of Christians to help.
Being Vulnerable 12-05-10   Norman Russell - Speaks of our "vulnerability" to attacks by others, such as one who tried to set a bomb off at a recent Christmas Tree lighting. But there is one type of destruction that is even more damaging: the ability of a threat to go unrecognized in our Christian walk. This is an -excellent- lesson about why we have to be vigilant.
Ezekiel's Dead Bones Sermon


  Norman Russell - "Dem Bones" - A great story from Ezekiel about how his faith was tested a bit when he was directed to preach to a valley full of dead and drying BONES! Could you do that? It took amazing dedication and faith, but it turned out great. Also, at the beginning a few minutes about this ministry from Mark Magill at Norm's request. 
Let All Praise Him 


  Norman Russell - "Let All Praise Him." - God's Word says that He is all knowing. Not even a sparrow falls from a tree that He does not know it. If you don't think God cares about you any more, you need this lesson. It's a great lesson on how important we are to God, about how we worship Him, and much more. (Thanksgiving week, 2010)
Greatness of God


  Norman Russell - The greatness of our God and Savior, and how much we are blessed both as a nation and a church. How our simple humility as we go about our daily lives can have an impact not only on those near us, but on our nation as a whole. Expands on the lesson God taught Solomon in II Chronicles. 


Ronnie Kinnaird - Speaks very sensitively but directly about baptism - One of the most important, and common-sense sermons you're likely to hear that "lays it on the line" and pulls no punches. Be sure to hear and share this one!. He is a truly gifted speaker. (Note: This is one of our most-downloaded lessons) 
Pray for those in charge over us 11-07-10   Norman Russell - "Pray for Those In Charge Over Us" - A lesson about how we are to pray for and obey our elected officials and those in charge over us. No, this is not a "standard sermon" you've heard a hundred times. This one is really special and is about our duty and obligation to those in authority over us. 
Our Multiple Personalities 10-31-10 Carter Davis - About the inward struggle that we have in ourselves, almost to the point of "multiple personalities" as we argue with ourselves about how important it is to make the right choices. 
Ever Doubted God?


Norman Russell - The power of God to do anything. Or can He? We are taught such as children, but then as adults we start to wonder just what God CAN do, and who He really is. Ever doubted God? This is a good lesson for you to hear. It's a story about Gideon and the trials he faced, and how through the power of God, followed without variance, he was successful. Yes, He can do anything, if you let him... 
Spiritual Hypothermia 10-03-10 Norman Russell - Discusses the symptoms of "Spiritual Hypothermia" as it applies to Christians and the Church. You'll really want to listen to this -- it's a silent killer that sneaks into our lives and the lives of those around us.   
The Danger of Perfectionism 9-25-10 Hot! Norman Russell - "Perfectionism" - The dangers of trying to be perfect. Of not realizing the true gift God has given us. Thinking that if you were to sin and not ask forgiveness before you died, you'd go to hell. The danger of those who think God keeps a "tally sheet" of good and bad deeds - only letting into heaven those who have more good deeds than bad. This is a very encouraging sermon for those who think they're just not "good enough" for God. Please, listen to this one first. It's important. This is  part 2, & part 1 was never recorded due equipment failure, but this lesson reviews it well.  This is one of our most-downloaded sermons.
Poor Self Image


Norman Russell - "Poor Self Image" - A lesson on how to overcome it. The need for change if you want things to change. You can't just keep going on the way you are and expect something to magically happen that makes everything OK. If you're happy being miserable and don't want to change, you will NOT change. But if you WANT to change, you CAN change. Here's a lesson on how to do it.
07-18-10 Norman Russell - "Never Assume" - How people sometimes feel when becoming a Christian, especially when they first come to Christ. So many feel that Christianity is the do-all end-all to all of their problems; setting themselves up for a terrible disappointment when they realize that although we do have an eternal hope of salvation, we're not going to live an idyllic life just because we follow Christ. See also 09-25-10 "Perfectionism" above.
07-25-10 Norman Russell - "Perceptions" - A story of a church who dismissed a preacher for being "too holy." A lesson on how we deal with others who seem to have no hardships in their lives. Is that what's really going on inside their lives? Maybe not. But we become jealous of what we perceive as their "perfect life" and don't understand why ours can't be the same way.
06-20-10 Norman Russell - Celebrates the job that fathers have towards their families and children, not just "biological" fathers but those who have had fatherly influences in the lives of children. How this also relates to our relationship also to our heavenly father.  
06-13-10 Norman Russell - "Life Groups"  - As our Life Groups take a summer break, Norm speaks of how valuable they are and what we've learned from them. Also, teaches about how people are now starting to value things they used to take for granted. 
The Truth About Evolution Hot! Ronnie Kinnaird - "Evolution" - Speaks sensitively but directly about evolution -This important and Bible-referenced common-sense sermon "lays it on the line" and pulls no punches. Please be sure to  hear this one!. He is a truly gifted speaker. (April 2010) 
Easter 2010 Norman Russell "The Patmos Island Experience" - speaks on the subject of Christ's late life, His death, burial, and resurrection, and how those around Him reacted to His presence. From the calling of the apostles as "fishers of men" to John's exile on Patmos, a caring and sensitive sermon deals with how we can also deal with our own "Patmos Island" situations. 
04-11-10 Steve Russell - "Cowboy Church" - speaks on the subject of Cowboy Churches which are becoming popular across our nation, and how they reach out to a segment of the population which has not been directly addressed before. Steve tells a personal story about how he overcame a near-death and paralyzing illness by his faith in God. 
03-28-10 Norman Russell - (90 second silence at start) Teaches more on the Colossian church about how we're taught to pray for guidance in the works that we do, and how we often try to solve human crisis without involving God. We're overconfident in some cases!
03-21-10   Norman Russell - Continues the study of Colossians, speaking to the all-sufficiency of God to provide all we need, both spiritual and physical. Also history lesson of the day.  
Jonah and the Whale - the untold story!


  Carter Davis - "Jonah and the Whale - The Untold Story." - This is a very enlightening lesson on the true significance of Jonah and his experience with running from God and his experience being swallowed up by a fish. If you think you know the whole story, please listen to this lesson! There is more to it than meets the eye.  
03-07-10   Norman Russell - Continues the study of Colossians, speaking how of it is the will of God that we enjoy life, not just suffer through it. Based on Col 3:12-17. 
02-28-10   Norman Russell - Continues the study of Colossians, speaking  of Paul's prison letter to the church to help them get themselves in order, theologically and practically. 
02-21-10   Norman Russell - shortly after recovering from a heart surgery.  Norm continues the study of Colossians, speaks on how when we recognize problems it is up to us not just to recognize them, but to do something about them. Paul encourages the Colossian church to take action against what they know is wrong. 
02-14-10 Carter Davis - Speaks of the daily battles we face every day and how they compare to the "battle stories" in the Old Testament - how giants of "small people" saved others.  
01-31-10   Norman Russell - "False Advertising" - How "religious" people can use familiar words and phrases on TV and other places out of context and mislead people, with what could be spiritually disastrous results. Continues on Colossian letter, about false teaching. 
01-24-10   Norman Russell - How our progress towards Christ is measured in a practical sense. How we can tell if we are growing in the right direction. Discipleship = growth + change.
01-17-10 Norman Russell - "Christ is Everything" - (Colossians 2:1-5) Paul, writing to the Colossian church about the heresy they were being faced with. Paul was very concerned the church would even survive. Lesson tells how Paul strengthened the church, and helped them through this difficult time. 
01-10-10 Norman Russell - "Who Are You?" A lesson on evaluating how YOU perceive YOURSELF. This can make a hug difference in the way your lead your life and how happy you are with yourself and your call to ministry, or whatever ELSE God had called you to do. 
01-03-10 Carter Davis - "Resolutions" - A lesson about we tend to make resolutions and not keeping them. Often, they fail because nobody expects you to keep them - but God has different ideas about that. Carter also shares some remembrances of his childhood and comparing things he remember then to how things are today.   
12-27-09 Norman Russell - "2010" - A lesson about goal-setting, resolutions, and how we look ahead to the future for the church. Paul writes to the Ephesians (Ch 4:1-13) about how the church should influence the community and remain united together. 
12-20-09 Norman Russell - "He Came." - How is it that Jesus "came" to the Earth when he has always been here? A translation error? This sensitive and caring sermon deals with Christ, His birth, and His "arrival" on earth to save us. A good "Christmas" sermon to share with your family. It is also an encouraging lessons for those who are struggling.  
12-13-09 Norman Russell - "How Soon We Forget" - The story of Israel, and how quickly they forgot about what things were like in Egypt before they left. How we are also guilty of forgetting what we had in the past as we complain about the present. Paul, writing to the Colossian church, reminds them of what -they- once were, and what they are now. 
12-06-09 Norman Russell - "He is Everything" - Continuing in Colossians, new teachers have come to Colossi, and the people almost blindly accepted them, without being sure of what they were teaching - that Jesus was not enough by Himself, you need MORE!
11-22-09 Norman Russell - "Wherever we are, God is." Psalm 145: David's song of praise. A lesson on how we can depend on God's presence in our lives. A thoughtful and moving sermon, suggests we each sit down and write a song of praise. Could you do it? Think..
11-15-09 Norman Russell - "New Beginnings" - Every day, God gives us a new beginning. Thanking God for the strength and feeling of family that we have when the church comes together. This is a lesson about controlling emotions, and being wary of whom to trust.
11-08-09 Norman Russell - "The Great Communicator" From Colossians 1: Beginning a new study of Paul's lessons. Jesus, a 'man of the people' and how He lived among us and cared about us, then taught the church to do the same. Importance of encouragement. 
11-01-09 Norman Russell - Beginning a series on the letter to the Colossians , this lesson speaks out on our responsibility to trust God to take care of us. Also, how important it is to GET BACK TO THE BIBLE when you want to know what God's answers are. 
10-25-09 Norman Russell - Use of the word or title "Christian" and its origin. Did you know it is only in scripture 3 times? It was originally a very "uncomplimentary" word. Now "Disciple" is used 264 times. This lesson teaches the difference between what "Christians" are, compared to "disciples." Does it -really- matter? Listen and decide.... 
10-18-09 Norman Russell - "Sun Shiny Day." Do you think that everything in your life depends on you? This lesson starts out with Norm Russell learning a lesson about God's power. It is one we all can learn from. Good lesson to start with if you're not sure what to get first.
10-11-09 "Jacob and Esau" - How God finds a day to "break in" to our lives when we're not really expecting it, and helps us to live our lives. Have you perhaps been a follower for years, but have stopped growing? The story of twin brothers Esau and Jacob, and how different they were, their family, their history, and their life - and how God "broke in" to the story.
10-04-09 Norman Russell - "Only Hypocrites Go to Church." This has been said by many, and many believe it to be true. This lesson looks at why someone might think this way, and what we can do about it to help change their perceptions of us. 
09-27-09 Norman Russell - "Pursue Peace" - Briefly put, this is a lesson on forgiveness. Not just that of Christ, but what WE need to do to put old personal injuries and grudges aside, before they ruin us. Hurt by someone? Carrying a grudge? You'd better listen to this...
09-20-09 Carter Davis - Luke 15:11 "The Parable of the Lost Son.+ A good lesson to humble those of us who may be getting a little too self-important... How do you know if it is you or not? Listen to the story. There is something for everyone in this story, and Carter gives wonderful insights into life in those days and why this lesson is so important.
09-13-09 Norman Russell: "The Road to Freedom" - How to deal with things that interfere with our relationship between us and God, and us and each other. A lesson on how to make the transition between repeatedly making mistakes and living in a new way of life. 
09-06-09 Hot! Norman Russell - "Come Clean" - This truly exceptional lesson is about "coming clean" about the things you are hiding, from yourselves and from God. The heart is what controls our attitudes, motives, and will. This lesson is how to get your heart right before God, and before others.  If you're burdened with GUILT over things you have done or are hiding, you need this lesson. If you think God could not use or love you because of what you've done in the past, you need this lesson. Please listen - and share it.. 
08-30-09 Norman Russell - "Humility" - Developing a humble spirit, and admitting our need for Jesus Christ. Learning how to turn towards God and trusting Him enough to make Him lord of our life. Not everyone is GOING to follow and trust Christ... there are even members of the church that aren't doing this yet. How much of your life, your self, your marriage, your very BODY does Christ control? This lesson will help you find out.
08-23-09 Norman Russell - "Stop Arranging the Deck Chairs" - The boat is sinking. You're in big trouble. And you're wasting time arranging the deck chairs on the boat. You want to play "God" and take care of things yourself. This moving sermon will let you know just how dangerous this can be. God will help you - if you let Him help you. Download this!
08-02-09 Carter Davis - The story of Sampson, and the important value of the Old Testament stories in our daily life now. This sermons is focused in the book of Judges. 
07-19-09 Norman Russell - "Resolving Conflict" - Even back to ancient days, the church itself has not always been at peace. This inspiring lesson teaches us how to deal with disputes and work towards peace, both in the church and our personal life. 
07-12-09 Norman Russell - "In Love With Ourselves" - Some have become "in love" with themselves. Focusing too much on their own self-love and self-worth. As Jesus teaches, "If you're pursuing a life focused on you, then you're not following me."
06-28-09 Norman Russell - "Who Do You Say That I Am?" - Jesus, speaking privately to the 12, teaches them both a lesson about His passing that is to come, and about how powerful the church will become against the forces of evil, asking the question, "Who do you say that I am? What do YOU think about Jesus? Who is He, TO YOU? Think about it... 
06-14-09 Norman Russell - "The Church in Trouble" - As in many countries, the church here knows suffering very well. Along with great growth, came great sadness, disappointment, and heartache. This is a great history lesson from the days of the "Herods" (there are several) & God's promise to always oversee the affairs of His people.
06-07-09 Carter Davis -"Noah and the Ark" - This is a unique re-telling of what is probably the most well-known story in the Bible. Carter adds a unique perspective to this story, however, and presents it in an unforgettable way. Even if you've hear this a hundred times, take the 24 minutes to hear it again. Perfect for young and old alike! 
05-17-09 Norman Russell : "The Imperfect Church" - A lesson about the often-overused word "dysfunctional" as it applies to families and the church. The truth about what the church as a whole lacks, and where it needs to go. 
05-10-09 Norman Russell : "Mothers in the Bible" - Norm speaks of the example mothers set in raising children, both their own and others - both in the Bible and our own lives. The positive values they help inspire in children, and how our culture impacts the challenge they (and fathers) have in raising children. (Lesson based on 2 Timothy 1)
05-03-09 Carter Davis - Teaches on the Book of Philemon, about how Paul and Timothy on the road to Damascus as God confronts Paul as to why he is persecuting His people.
04-26-09 Norman Russell - "Things We Sometimes Ignore About God." - some traits about God that not all of us think about. God's justice. His wrath. His omnipresence. Sometimes we'd like to only think about God's LOVE and not the "other" things. God is indeed love, as the Bible teaches us... but love also brings about correction if it loves truly. (Romans 5:5-11). If you're outside of God, you must fix it now - this lesson can help.
04-19-09 Carter Davis - "Book of James" - A short but powerful book, James gives concise directions and instructions as to what we should when we encounter trials in our life. Also, a mini-biography of James, the person - the younger half-brother of Jesus. Based on James 1:2-8 - Click Here to read the Bible verses.(45 min)
04-12-09 Norman Russell - "The Empty Tomb" - Teaching about the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and how important it is to our very faith - and how it sets us aside from the rest of the world. Based on John chapter 20, the lesson also mentions some biographical details of Mary Magdalene. 
04-05-09 Norman Russell - "The Nature and Character of God." Even the best relationships do not just "happen" they have to be built and require a lot of hard work. Friends who don't communicate will drift apart. This lesson talks about how important it is to get to know God, and to continue to communicate with Him. 
03-29-09 Norman Russell - A lesson from Psalm 66, which was written by an unknown author,  centers around an event in Israel's history when they had experienced a "deliverance" during the reign of Hezekiah. 
03-22-09 Carter Davis - A lesson about the true meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus. The lesson is a "journey" of what the last day of Jesus' life was like, and it's an important lesson to hear. 
03-15-09 Norman Russell - "Our Changing World" - What to do when all of the things you know and have trusted is changing and does not seem stable any more. A look at the unchanging nature of God, and how He adds stability to our lives. (31 mins.)
03-08-09 Norman Russell - recently added - Continues his series of lessons on the incomprehensible nature of God, how He has the ability to take care of ALL of us, all at once, ALL the time. Feeling like God can't help you? You need this lesson.  
03-01-09 Norman Russell - Continuing his lesson series on the nature and character of God. Getting down to the real insights of what God is.  
02-22-09 Norman Russell - Begins a series of lessons on the nature and character of God. Getting down to the real insights of what God is.  This is an important series, and I suggest everyone listen to all of them. They will help you define your personal concept of what God is to you.
02-12-09 Norman Russell - Exodus 11, how God is indeed really is going to bring a judgment when the world ends.  Also teaches, though, how God is aware of our suffering, no matter how deep it may be. He -does- care, so if you're feeling alone, this is for you. 
02-08-09 Norman Russell - "Responsible Freedom" - God grants us a great deal of freedom in our lives, this sermon continues Norm's series of lessons about freedom and concludes by reminding that with freedom comes responsibility. 
02-01-09 Norman Russell: "Are You Enjoying Life?" - John 10: - Sometimes Christians don't appear to enjoy their faith very much. They're dedicated to God, but carrying more burdens than they ever have before and have trouble admiring God when they are so burdened. This really does happen, and all of us know it. This can help you deal with it.
01-11-09 Carter Davis - Our "incoming" youth minister that took over for Bryan Johnston, Carter speaks of his history, upbringing, and basic matters of faith. A revealing look into his early life and "where he is coming from" as well as hopes for the future.  
01-04-09 Norman Russell - Jesus directing Paul and Silas, as to how the church should be. The church is to be Jesus in the world. Sermon speaks of our job to reach out to the lonely and the poor -  imitating Jesus' thought processes and life, and how we must allow others to see Jesus and the church through us. (See Matthew 9:36
SUICIDE  . Norman Russell: Suicide: The #1 killer of teenagers (1 every 40 seconds!) and high on the list for the elderly - 1 every 93 seconds. Please study this sermon - you may someday save a life. This has always been one of our most-requested lessons of the hundreds that are here, so it's on a lot of people's minds.. Thinking about suicide? Get this lesson and listen to it. There is more at stake than just your life!! 
12-28-08 Norman Russell - Sermon about the New Year and "starting over" - about making resolutions, changes. Teaches about the apostle Paul's words (writing to Corinth) about making changes in their lives, and how important changes are when one becomes a disciple of Christ. Paul tells about all the good things  waiting for Christians when our work here on Earth is done. (See also 03-30-08 by Javon Johnson
12-21-08 Norman Russell "The Birth of Christ" - sermon about the birth of Jesus. Many think of Jesus as being 'created' on his 'birthday' in Bethlehem, not the God-in-human-form He really is. Learn the "rest of the story" behind His birth in Bethlehem, and  the whole truth about what we celebrate --every-- day, not just in December. 
12-14-08 Norman Russell - Giving hope to the church: Hebrews 11. Teaching about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - God told Abraham "I will give you a great nation" but when he died, he had only one son - but he never doubted God - knowing that would one day be fulfilled whether he lived to see it himself or not. We must never doubt God.
11-30-08   Norman Russell: "Heaven" We wonder what is Heaven really like?  Jesus encourages his disciples to stand firm in their faith even when they can't see what they believe in. God has a place for you, "let not your hearts be troubled." (See John 14:1)
11-23-08    Norman Russell - Paul in Athens -  which had about 30,000 statues to various gods. Only 10,000 people lived in Athens! He uses this opportunity to  teach about Jesus as the "Unknown God" that those in Athens also had a statue for, just in case they missed one.. :-) Great sermon about the story! 
11-16-08   Norman Russell "Disappointing God." If you feel you have failed God so badly or humiliated Him in front of the world, or the church family.. especially if you feel that things are so bad that God has nothing more left for you to do, you NEED this sermon. And you need it NOW. Stop what you're doing and listen to it. 
11-09-08   Norman Russell - "Storms of Life" - Our internal storms threaten our security, our comfort, and our peace of mind. This is a good sermons based on Mark chapter 4 - where the disciples are at sea with Jesus. It's application is about how to deal with those who doubt you, personal issues, and so on. 
10-05-08 Norman Russell - Paul, speaking to Timothy about his (Paul's) upcoming execution and the things Timothy must do to carry on the work. How he should approach evangelism and hardship. Paul's great confidence in Timothy.  
08-17-08 FAV Ronnie Kinnaird - Speaks sensitively but directly about baptism - One of the most important, and common-sense sermons you will ever hear that "lays it on the line" and pulls no punches. Please be sure to  hear this one!. He is a truly gifted speaker. (Note: This is the same sermon as "Baptism" at the top of this list. It was done this way for the sake of search engine indexing finding it better)
12-14-08 Bryan Johnston - His reflections on his ministry at North Bend as he prepares to move on to a new work in the Lord. Inspirational lesson for teens, in particular.  
07-13-08 . . Norman Russell: "Identity Crisis" - James Bond, Lone Ranger - famous actors who "forgot" themselves. Sometimes we as Christians 'forget' who we are, and need to be reminded. We need to be reminded that not every single thing depends on us - we need to share the load. Paul in this sermon was about to be executed, and worries about who will carry on the message when he is gone. This is a good message for all of us. very 'human' look at Paul, and a great message for all of us. |
07-06-08 . . Norman Russell: - "Times are Changing" - Norm speaks on how rapidly things change as we go along in time. Technology changes amaze many of us, some of the changes are good and some are not. Even the church has gone through changes, but again - some of those are good, and some are not. This lesson is about how to tell the difference. |
06-29-08 . . Norman Russell: "Is Christianity Relevant?" Evaluating and assessing our ministries, to make sure they are still relevant to those we are teaching. Are we reaching everyone? Paul is nearing the end of his life, about to pass the "torch" to Timothy, and this is a sensitive lesson about his feelings at the time and how he encourages Timothy to be strong and not to be ashamed of the Gospel.  |
Food for Thought

(This is not a download)

According to one of Norm's sermons, statistics show that 92% of all Americans believes in a "God" of some kind or another. They also show that 21% of those who practice Atheism actually believe there is a God, even though they do otherwise |
06-01-08 . . Norman Russell: Israel under the reign of Rehoboam - who came to power after Solomon's' death. He was a good man for the first 3-4 years of his office, then changed - "...and he did evil in the eyes of the Lord" - and later incurred God's wrath.
04-06-08 . . Norman Russell: "The Resurrection" - Norm speaks about the amazing power and might of the resurrection of Jesus. How some celebrate it as a "minor" event, but how truly powerful it is. It totally rocked the pagan world of Christ's day. The resurrection of Jesus is the total foundation of the Christian faith, and needs to be treated as such. |
03-30-08 . . Javon Johnson: This is a sermon that EVERY Christian needs to hear. And not just once, either. This lesson speaks about giving to and taking care of the needy, without worrying about ourselves. Sure, you've heard this subject before, but this is in a positive way. This is a MUST HAVE. Javon's compassionate but matter-of-fact style is great!
03-23-08 . . Norman Russell: "Lord's Supper" - An exceptional sermon about the origins, history, and significance of the observance we know as the "Lord's Supper" - the remembrance of the death, burial, and sacrifice of Jesus. It also tells about John's exile to Patmos and other things of the day that were going on. Please share this one!
03-16-08  .. Norman Russell: - "Real Living" - How is your life going? Describe it in one word. Are you living like you should be, or living because you're afraid of dying? What do you live for? Weekends? Children? Social events? Are you in a rut? This is a sermon on not to be miserable, and may give you some great ideas about living life to the fullest. God wants you to FULLY enjoy life - and here's a lesson on how to do it. Are you running your life? Or is someone else? Here's how to find that out.
03-02-08 . . Norman Russell - Jesus, the individual." John chapter 4: Jesus' ministry is taking off, popularity rising. Tells the story of Jesus' reasoning for traveling the "long way" through Samaria, the famous "woman at the well" story, and much more. You'll learn a lot about the feelings of the Samaritans and Jews in those days.
02-17-08  .. Norman Russell - "Appointing Deacons" - a lesson on how the church should select deacons (also known as overseers, servants, etc) and the history of how this type of ministry originated. Jesus himself was called a "servant" or "deacon." Acts 6 is the basis of this lesson (see also 1Tim. 3) telling why deacons are necessary to the church.
02-03-08  .. Norman Russell: This lesson continues the story from the book of Esther, and how Haman had made a decree to bring an end to all the Jewish people (Morticai in particular!) Ester exposes Haman to the king, who executes him! Morticai is then elevated to Haman's position. All of Haman's property is given to Morticai also. Happy ending? Well... there's more to the story... and it is a great story!
01-20-08-W  .. Ron Warmila: Recorded at a special lesson done on domestic abuse.
01-20-08-C  .. Ron Warmila: Recorded at a special lesson done on domestic abuse. This is an 'open microphone' recording done during a class time, but has some useful information in it. 
01-13-08  .. Norman Russell: "What Goes Around Comes Around" - Wyle E. Coyote - the cartoon, always ends up in the trap he set for the Roadrunner. This is not really a lesson about people 'getting what they deserve' but about how a lot of people BLAME GOD for things they set in motion themselves. This lesson continues our story on the book of Esther. 
Always Telling The Truth Norman Russell - The value of always telling the truth, expectations of honesty in daily life. This is an excellent sermon, and recommended for -all- family members. About 35 minutes and recommended for parents to listen to it with their children.
12-16-07 Norman Russell - Continues series of sermons on Esther - This is a sermon about doing the right thing, even when it may be difficult. Dealing with crisis is the central theme of this lesson. This sermon is very good for those who are struggling with matters of conscience, following God, and waiting on God's timing in answering our requests.
12-09-07 . Javon Johnson - From Philippians 2: Christians and their attitudes. Although we're supposed to have attitudes like Christ, that does not keep us from being self-centered or critical of others. This is a =wonderful= lesson on how to improve your attitude towards others around you. You really need to hear this - and please share it with others. Note: the sound is a little "choppy" in places, when we have it fixed I will remove this notice.
04-01-07 . Norman Russell - Continues Hebrews, 4:14 - 5:10. Focuses on the high priesthood of Jesus, higher than high priests. Roles of high priest  Exhorts Christians not to give up. Establishes Jesus' authority under OT law. An encouraging lesson includes teaching on OT law. Deals with how to discern the various "levels" of sin... very thought-provoking. 
03-25-07 . Norman Russell - Continues series in Hebrews, details to come.
03-18-07 . Norman Russell - Man's habit of failing to learn from his past. Romans 15:4 reminds us to learn from the past. The Hebrew writer (4:1-11) takes us back to the thought of not following the ways of disobedience seen in others. Work hard, try your best, don't fall short. A great lesson on how to be at peace and at rest with yourself. 
03-11-07 . Norman Russell - Continues series in Hebrews, details to come.
03-04-07 . Ronnie Kinnaird - Matthew 16 - God's purpose in selecting Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. A good lesson about Cornelius (a Roman centurion) and Peter and the major events of their life. How Cornelius shared his faith with others and gave of himself to others. Peter receiving a vision from God as to what he was to do to preach the Word. The story of Cornelius - being blessed for his diligence - great for those of us struggling with things.
02-25-07 . Brian Johnston - our parting youth minister - Reflections on his arriving to the work here in North Bend years ago, as he was preparing to move on to his next job. What its like to become a preacher, what inspired him to become one. A sermon from the heart about following the doors that God opens for you, as Paul did. This is a very inspiring lesson on celebrating the victories in your life, instead of worrying over the failures. 
Seeking Praise . Norman Russell - Personal motivations in daily life in seeking praise. Although also mentioning the blessings of giving. Note this is not a "giving" sermon or a request for money. It is all about our motivations for doing what we do every day. Are you really a true Christian, or a "Sunday Christian"? Listen to this one and think about it. 
02-18-07 . Norman Russell - Norm asked the audience list 5 Most prominent people in the old testament quickly on paper. Abraham? Jacob? Moses? Isaiah? Elijah? This lesson continues the lesson series in Hebrews. This time, Jesus is being identified as greater than even the prophets and the Hebrew writer this time has to explain to the Jews that Jesus is even greater than MOSES, whom the Jews considered to be God's right hand.
02-11-07 . Norman Russell - Lesson on the subject of establishing the supremacy of Jesus Christ - proclaiming once and for all how Jesus is the perfect liberator from the burden of slavery to sin. As in recent lessons, Jesus' authority had to be established in the minds of those listening to him because of the mindset of the day. This is a great lesson on the Hebrews understanding Jesus as a 'spirit person' as well as a human.
02-04-07 . Norman Russell - Lesson to early Christians that were becoming tired and struggling with their faith. They kind of felt like it would be easier to just go back to their more-familiar Judaism and so on and give up on Christianity. The Hebrew writer (nobody knows who this was) goes on to encourage them not to give up. This is a very inspiring lesson for those having tough times. Come to the forums, too, if you'd like to talk.
01-28-07 . Norman Russell - Continuing in Hebrews, the subject of this lesson is "Tired Faith" - what happens when you've been a Christian for a long while and start to feel yourself 'drifting' away. The Hebrew writer warns the church of this, and tells us how to deal with it, complete with the warnings and admonitions given by the writer. A timeless lesson.
01-21-07 . Norman Russell - Beginning a series on strengthening your faith, from the book of Hebrews. Establishing Jesus' authority even above the Angels before the Jews and Hebrews, who believed them to be superior. This lesson lays a lot of groundwork for the lessons to come and gives a great background lesson on how the Jews/Hebrews lived, what scripture types they studied, Etc. Also a great lesson about angels in general.
01-07-07 . Norman Russell - starting the new year 2007. How hard it is to break old habits, and how necessary it is at times. How bad habits can result in the breakdown of churches - live and vibrant churches being lost to the community and closing their doors. Also, how much churches need to have a defined purpose to existing, or they will fail. About God's need to be the supreme being in our lives. 
12-10-06   Norman Russell - Jesus Christ, the Wonderful Counselor - taking a serious look at the "wonder" in the words - understanding the awesome nature of Jesus. There is a lot to know about the actual words used to describe Jesus, and this lesson takes a detailed look at them. 
12-03-06   Norman Russell - Historical inquiry into Man's normal curiosity about the future. By our nature, we want to know what the future holds. Discussion of the people of ancient Palestine before its conquest, and their daily life seeking the future by witchcraft, future-seers, and so on. Several great examples here about those seeking the future. 
11-26-06   The lesson this week is about Genesis - the book of beginnings. This book speaks to the coming of Jesus - chapter 12 starts speaking more directly about it. God is changing the focus away from Abraham in this lesson, and directing it towards Himself and His nature. (Norm also mentions this website's ministry when he speaks of how tiny changes of just a single word can lead to great confusion!) 

Norman Russell - "The Royal Psalms" - Israel's song book had songs for special occasions - mournful, celebrative, and in between. Psalm 93-100 celebrate the kingly sovereignty of God, and are called the "Royal Psalms" - and this is a lesson about them - the collection of songs that deal with the praise and honor of God, and what the experience of worship should be like.

11-12-06   Norman Russell - Lesson on how to be better prepared for the unexpected life-changing experiences that become part of lives.. This is based around the story of the Woman at the Well, who had a 'life changing experience' right when she least expected it. Great history lesson about Judea and Galilean geography, too. In-depth study. 
11-05-06 Norman Russell - Lesson on our responsibility to pray for and support our leaders. From Luke 9, Jesus confronting 3 would-be followers and the instructions He gave them, and how He dealt with the squabbling among disciples as to 'who was the greatest' of them.  Luke writes this account from his own perspective as a Gentile. Great info about him.
10-29-06 Norman Russell - Lesson on the role of 'elder' in the church. Scriptural examples of elders being appointed, their qualifications, and what their role was in the church. Recorded on a day when we were adding two additional elders to our congregational leadership. What an elder is, why they are supposed to "smell like the sheep" :-)
10-22-06 Bryan Johnston - Lesson on planning ahead for the future, and on the value of a Christian education. A lighthearted but serious look at planning for the future. Reflections on his life at York College, in York, Nebraska. How important it is to help our kids focus on a solid education for their future. 
10-15-06 Norman Russell - Finishing the series on Elijah, his life and prophesies, the character of the man, and how he served God. How we should live our lives as one of service, not being served. It's hard to adequately describe this sermon, it is very uplifting and provides a lot of food for thought. You won't be disappointed when you listen to it.
10-08-06 Norman Russell - Continuing the series on Elijah, this uplifting and inspiring lesson tells much about Elijah the man, and about the traditions and customs of the day. Another demonstration of how God chooses "ordinary people" to do great works. 
09-03-06 Norman Russell - Story of the life of Elijah, and how the he in his "mightiness" once fell, just as many of us fall short in our lives. Elijah was a true man of God, shaped and molded by God. How he, on foot, outran a chariot (really!) to the amazement of some.  How Elijah, God's tool, was suddenly faced (chapter 19) with a serious reversal.  
08-27-06 Norman Russell - Continues the lessons about Elijah, and how his life was challenged at times, in spite of his greatness. A more detailed description will follow. 
 08-20-06 Norman Russell -  Lesson from 1st Kings about people being in the right place at the right time. Elijah's story as God sends him to see King Ahab, and the death, discouragement, and hopelessness he encountered on the way - this was during a 3.5 year drought. An encouraging lesson in faith and doing God's will. 
07-30-06 Javon Johnson - Lesson from Matthew 5:43-48 - "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.." This great lesson looks at what the definitions of what love truly is, and what enemies are. In this lesson, you'll learn how Jesus teaches us to love those who would seek to do us harm, a seeming contradiction, and how Javon was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.'s  teaching and example as well as that of Jesus. 
07-09-06 Norman Russell - Lesson about Ahab and Elijah, the drought, and God's commands to Elijah. How Elijah was required to put his trust in his faith in God in order to prepare him for his upcoming ministry. The lesson speaks as to how Elijah (and Norm himself) prepared for their ministries and we need to prepare our own daily lives as well as our own personal ministries. Also teaches about recognizing blessings in hardship times. 
07-02-06 Bryan Johnston - Lesson about volunteering and taking charge when you see a need. A thank you to people that see a need and act on it whether they expect to be recognized for it or not. How doing volunteer work (in or out of the church) should be a joy, not a burden. How serving others serves Christ as well. Very good, upbeat lesson. 
06-18-06 Norman Russell - Recorded on Father's Day 2006, this sermon speaks to the value of Marriage, how it came about, what God's plan for it is. Speaks to the personal, social, and religious purposes of marriage, and how the relationship should work and evolve. Speaks also to the father's role in the family, as husband, father, role model.  
06-11-06 Norman Russell -  Speaks on the book and movie, "The DaVinci Code" and what it means (and does not mean) to Christians. This is a great sermon about your purpose in daily life in living for Christ. If you're feeling a little down, this is the sermon for you. Also addresses some people's problems of being self-centered and what to do about it. 
06-04-06 Ron Warmila - Nice lesson about our Christian responsibility to be a "light house" and send the Light of Jesus into the darkness. About how our life changes when we encounter the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ, our 'transformation' of sorts. Story of the life of John Newton, author of Amazing Grace. This is a lesson on how to lift up others by serving them and lifting up Jesus Christ. 
05-28-06 Norman Russell - A great lesson on how Satan's attempts to destroy the church over the centuries has always failed, and still the church of Christ moves forward. Jesus' promise of how the church will remain strong. Jesus' lordship and being head of the church. Jesus' atonement for us, example of sacrificial living, atonement for our sins. This is an incredible sermon about the church, forgiveness, and our love of Jesus.
05-21-06 Norman Russell - A lesson about the Second Coming of Jesus. Truth is, nobody really knows  when it will be. This is a story of the Bible's foretelling of the event, its description of what it will be like, what first century Christians thought about it, and the answers to some common questions about the return of Jesus based on the Bible and including the scriptural references where you can go and read about it for yourselves. 
05-14-06 Norman Russell - This was a very popular Mother's Day lesson. Norm speaks on the subject of motherhood and the noble and sacrificial role of mothers. This story is about a single mother, Hager, in Bible days, who was Abraham and Sarah's 'surrogate mother' of their child - which was accepted practice in those days.. but the problem was that God had promised them a child of their own, and they got tired of waiting. God was NOT OK with this plan, and here is the story of what happened. (includes a closing prayer by Mark Magill) 
05-07-06 Ronnie Kinnaird - a rare treat - Ronnie teaches on the subject of faith, how to be more like the strong people of faith and the strength their leadership and example gives us. This man in an incredible man of God, and a masterful preacher. This is a must-have lesson, be sure to download it. Drawn from Hebrews 11, what is faith, and being faithful.
04-23-06 Norman Russell - Lesson on the ascension of Jesus. A rare sermon, a subject not often taught about. What do you REALLY know about the ascension of Jesus into Heaven? His ascension is a  pivotal part of His entire ministry on Earth - one of the 4 supporting 'pillars' of  the redemptive works of Christ. Learn about the rest here.
04-16-06 Norman Russell - About how we can't pay God back for our forgiveness. Some people seem to think that by their words or actions that they can 'pay back' what Jesus has given us. That we 'own' Him something for what He did. But that is not the point - Jesus gave us His gift freely, not as an obligation that we have to 'work off' and pay back. Salvation is a free gift. That doesn't mean it won't cost you something, though... 
04-09-06  Norman Russell - Lesson about the "empty grave experience" that the disciples of Christ had after His death and resurrection. Recorded a week before Easter, the lesson gives details about the times and customs of when Jesus died and was buried. An interesting insight not only into the event itself, but the burial customs of the day. 
03-19-06 Norman Russell -  Jesus teaching us how to respond in the face of injustices that are done to us, and how to handle injustice in general. How Jesus responded to those who did injustice to him, from Judas to Pilate and others of the day. This sermon provides a great history lesson of the details surrounding the rules during Jesus' time.  
03-12-06 Jay Allen - Great sermon about Isaiah and his courage to follow God no matter what the people wanted.  Discusses Joshua and his great faith also. Joshua's great choice to follow only God, no matter what else happened. How God blesses those who follow His Word to the best of their ability.
03-05-06 Norman Russell - Jesus, after Judas has been dismissed, in the evening with his disciples. Singing the "halel" hymns ("praise God"), and the days after as He crossed the KidRon Valley towards the Garden of Gethsemane. This sermon centers around Jesus and his disciples in the Garden. 
 02-26-06 Norman Russell - The story of Judas as Jesus is about to be betrayed. Speculations as to how Judas may have felt, the history behind the betrayal, and Jesus' attempt to save Judas. Details of how what is commonly called the "Lord's Supper" came about for the first time.
 02-19-06 Ronnie Kinnaird - A very special sermon by a masterful preacher about the origins of all mankind, teaching from the book of Genesis, and how the Bible's first verse is the pivotal piece of information on which all of Mankind is based. Not evolution, not "intelligent design" - but God. This is an exceptional sermon of reason, logic, and scripture. A great combination! Ronnie's gentle way and voice is very comforting. 
 02-12-06 Norman Russell - A lesson discussing the concept of discipleship and the differences between the words "Christian" and a "disciple." This is a good lesson on how Jesus taught what we now call "Christians" to show genuine discipleship. About the importance of bearing fruit for God - are you bearing spiritual fruit or not? Being 'fruitful' can mean hard work - how to be ready for it. 
 01-01-06 Bryan Johnston - Sermon about God and our close relationship to Him, and to our earthly fathers as well. This is a great sermon for all new parents in particular, but Bryan's positive sermons about the positive relationship between ourselves and God is good for all of us.
 12-04-05 Norman Russell - How God chooses to use ordinary people like you and me to do great things. Examples given such as Moses, Paul, Etc who were ordinary people who became great.  What it was that made people fall in love with Jesus and His work. Scriptural basis for this lesson is the book of Acts, chapter 21 and others. 
 09-25-05 Norman Russell - This is a lesson on church leadership, and what Paul teaches about the gift of leadership and the need for QUALIFIED leaders in the church. Not everyone has the gift of leadership, they have other valuable gifts instead. This is a lesson on the importance of choosing men of the proper gifts for leadership roles in the church.
 09-11-05 Norman Russell - Recorded just after Hurricane Katrina - wondering "Where is God in all of this?" Examining how people wonder if God is sometimes insensitive to our suffering, or if He really even cares about us? It is always challenging to our faith when things like this happen, and this exceptional lesson deals with how to deal with those feelings
 09-04-05 Norman Russell - This lesson teaches about how to deal with temptation in our lifetime - how to deal with it and how to defeat it. Based on Matthew 4:1-11, it teaches about the essence of temptation, and how Jesus Himself lived and endured the same temptations that we do in our own lives. How careful we must be to avoid it, especially when things are going "great" in our lives.
 08-14-05 Shane Meyer - gives an excellent lesson on "What it means to truly follow Christ." Shane was one of the leaders of our Youth Retreat entitled "Shipwrecked." This is a good family sermon for all ages. Try to arrange discussion time afterwards.
 07-24-05 Robert Gutierrez - About the value of diversity in the church - diversity in our backgrounds and experiences, and how the church as a whole benefits from it. How differences in discipline shape our lives, and how God disciplines us as well.
 07-17-05 Bryan Johnston - About making goals and keeping spiritual commitments. Things such as New Year resolutions usually fail due to an inadequate plan as to how to accomplish them. Our need to be patient with goals, and how to make good goals - ones to grow in Christ and how to rely on God to help us accomplish them.
 07-10-05 Robert Gutierrez - A very impressive sermon about Christian struggles - those that try to be both in the world and in Christ at the same time. Why it is impossible. This is a great sermon for "everyday Christians" to gain strength from.. 
 07-03-05 Bryan Johnston - Description of being a priest in Bible days and the description of the sacrifice to be "ordained" as a priest, and the specific rules of being a priest. Also describes how Christians are a royal priesthood to God. 
 06-26-05 Norman Russell - About giving proper credit to God and Christ when positive changes occur in our lives. How lives are changed and purpose for life is given by living for Christ. About growing in Christ, and coming in contact with Him.
 06-19-05 Norman Russell - Father's Day sermon, oriented towards fathers and their duties and responsibilities to their families. This is a great sermon for parents to listen to together, and then invite their children to hear it afterwards as a discussion starter
 06-12-05 Norman Russell - Sermon concerning division in the church and historical references to how it was overcome. Paul's letters, for example. Problems that were present in the past are still here, this sermon gives guidance as to how to handle them - the main problem being that Christian people are still people!
 06-05-05 Norman Russell - Sermon given as our youth graduate from high school. How people view the future, and why we should not view it as static and unchangeable. Thoughts on giving advice to fellow Christians about the future. Giving wise counsel.
 05-22-05 Norman Russell - Teaching on Paul's letter to the church at Thessalonica. How God provided words of encouragement amid their struggles. The last thing a struggling person needs is an "I told you so!" and this lessons teaches how to better help people in difficult situations. Also, watching out for "reliable sources."
 05-15-05 Norman Russell - How sometimes things can be right in front of us and we do not see them. Sometimes we'll hope and wish for something that we already have just because we cannot see it.  
 05-08-05 Norman Russell - Lesson concerning the reality of sin. Things like Internet trash, lust, and such like. Honoring the marriage relationship by not exposing yourself to inappropriate content on TV, Internet, etc. Sermon for men and women alike, all couples should listen to this, as well as anyone considering marriage.
 05-01-05 Bryan Johnston - Lesson on "What is Worship." 1Peter 2:9 is the reference. Examining what "worship" really is, and what it means to us. This lesson will make you think --- please be sure to listen to it. Title: The Heart of Worship
 04-25-05 Bryan Johnston - "The Heart of Worship" - History of what priests were in old testament church. What does it mean to be "consecrated" before God? This is a great history lesson of the early days of history, and part one of a multiple-part series on the early church. (This is one of our most-downloaded lessons!)
04-10-05 Bryan Johnston - (1Cor.15) Sermon concerning the  early church in Corinth. Understanding the resurrection of Christ. Some Corinthian Christians did not understand or believe in the resurrection, and needed to be taught these things, and how to live as Christ lived. This sermon teaches serious foundation information about how Christians believe and should live and is for new and old believers alike.
04-03-05 Norman Russell - Paul's letter to the church in Thessalonica when it was struggling. Paul praises their growth, even though they were faced with terrible opposition and trials. An encouraging lesson for our churches today. This was a dedicated group of followers who refused to give up, no matter what happened or what the cost. 
03-27-05 Norman Russell - An "Easter Sermon" about the beauty and promise of the  resurrection. This one of Norm's "guided tours" back in time to what Rome was like under the emperor Nero. The sermon speaks to the dedication of Christ's followers and is a wonderful journey in words that leads to better understanding of the church.
03-20-05 Norman Russell - In this sermon, learn how to better interact with others in life and in the church who have different, backgrounds, and personal issues to attend to. Life, even in the church, isn't always easy. God, however, created the church to be a place where -everyone- can belong and feel at home. This is about how to do it.
 03-06-05   Norman Russell - In this sermons, Norm teaches a lesson from the Thessalonian letter, where the people are asking about what is going to happen to those of their loved ones that have died and gone on ahead of them. Will they be saved? How will the last days come about, and what will happen. What will the last days be like? Fully referenced, and taken directly from the Bible accounts. 
02-27-05 Norman Russell - Choosing whom you will serve. Just as Joshua stated to all not too long before his death, it didn't matter what anyone else did. He said, "As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord." Serving God, loving each other, good examples for daily life. This is a great sermon about Christian living.  
02-20-05 Norman Russell - Based on Paul's lesson to the Thessalonians that Christianity is a serious matter, and when Christians stop maturing, trouble comes. Learn from this and avoid the trap of Christian immaturity. Paul reminds us that maturity comes with time, and we're expected to mature, not just "sit there" and do nothing. 
02-13-05 Norman Russell - Lesson on the subject of the early church and its difficulties in traveling to all of the known world. Paul and Ananias in the early days of the church and their difficulties. Paul's dedication as a teacher that would not quit. Learning how to make God proud of you as a Christian and as a teacher. 
02-06-05 Norman Russell - Recorded just after a building remodeling project. From 1st Thessalonians 2:1-12 - This is where Paul truly shares his intimate feelings about the people of Thessalonica. It seemed the greater good one wants to do, the greater the opposition will be. Struggling to do the right things? This one is for you.
01-16-05 Norman Russell - Sermon about how different people have different perceptions of things - sometimes the very same things. Applies this to how people look at the church and how we should strive to be like the ancient churches. Note: about 15-20 seconds total in the early part of this recording are garbled. This will will be replaced when the original is found.


Norman Russell - Lesson concerning the letter Paul (along with Timothy, Silas, and Luke) wrote to the church in Thessalonica concerning dedication in seeing to it that the churches of Christ move forward in growth and service. About counting the cost of service and Christianity. Emphasizes that churches are people, not structures.  This is a very thought-provoking sermons, be sure to get this one. 
01-02-05 Norman Russell -  A thought-provoking sermon about the necessity of making sure that you maintain an open line of communication with both God and God's Word. So many people will be on time for every meal at home each day, but then starve themselves to death when it comes to the Word of God. Everyone should hear this. 
12-26-04 Bryan Johnston - About setting goals as a Christian. About realizing what you have been given and how precious life is. About evaluating yourself as a Christian, and asking others to do so, too. . This is a very touching and special sermon, recorded just after Bryan's grandfather died. A good family sermon for all ages. 
12-19-04 Norman Russell - God's promise to raise another prophet in the days of David, the coming of Elijah, over 300 prophecies in the OT concerning the second coming of Christ.  Story of Caesar Augustus coming to power. God's silence to Israel. God sending Gabriel to Israel, stories from Daniel 8-9. Descriptions of angels, too. 
12-12-04 Norman Russell -  An excellent lesson on the "400 years of silence" during the "inter-testamental period" between the old and new testaments. Norm covers 400 years of silence in about 15-20 minutes. It is an interesting and enlightening lesson that is sure to be of benefit to you as a student of scriptural history. 
11-07-04  . Norman Russell - This is a sermon about how bitterness invades our lives, and what to do about it. What happens when God's people embrace bitterness and hatred. Continuing the story of Jonah in Nineveh, where he was sent to preach to the people. How old (and undesirable) habits come back to the surface, and what to do. God's compassion on the wicked when they turn from their evil ways. Good and uplifting sermon for those that are struggling.
10-31-04  . Norman Russell - Jonah, chapter 3. Teaches on the subject of doing things we don't want to do. Continuing the sermon series on Jonah, this is the point where God re-commissions Jonah to start a revival in Nineveh. Although reluctant and resistant to his task initially, the revival he was responsible before was one of the largest in history, and an entire city was converted. Great story for those trying to start a revival in their lives or congregations. 
10-10-04  . Norman Russell - First of a series of 4 sermons about the life and times of Jonah, a prophet of God who initially had hatred in his heart towards God and just about anyone else except Jews. This sermon tells about the problems of hatred and how God got Jonah's attention. This is NOT your average "Jonah got swallowed by a fish" sermon, but gives much more detail of his life and times, as well as some of the principal men of his time - learn a lot about Jonah and what his life was like. 
09-19-04  . Norman Russell - Speaks on the reality of being a Christian. He tells of the real-world story of a missionary in a foreign country and the reality there. We've been studying in the book of Nehemiah 8-10. About the real reason Nehemiah went back to rebuild the walls of the kingdom. The details of how Nehemiah went about restoring the church and the will of the people. Dangers of "ritual worship" in our lives and the danger of "comfortable sin."
09-12-04  . Norman Russell - Speaks on the desire for unity in the church, but also on the danger of /uniformity/ in the church. How a church that is having problems with unity can identify the problem and fix it. Making sure the "I" in the church stays in place. Speaks of John's prayer for unity in the church. Getting God as the center of the church and the family. Be sure to download this one - it is great!
09-05-04  . Norman Russell - Teaches on what Nehemiah went through when he returned to rebuild the walls. Nehemiah has a lot to give to the churches of our day, as much of what we're going through he also went through - and we can learn from how he handled it. Based in chapter 5, this sermon discusses differences between people as well as internal strife and a number of issues common to the 21st century church, such as dealing with trouble-makers in Christianity. 
08-29-04  . Norman Russell - "Loss of a loved one" - Sermon given just after the tragic death of one of our members in a single-vehicle auto accident. Dealing with the loss of a loved one, both individually and as a church. Asking the question, "Does Jesus really care, when life tumbles in?" and finding the answers. This is a powerful and comforting sermon, and is  recommended for anyone who is suffering the loss of a loved one.
08-22-04  . Norman Russell: Sermon about God's men in Jerusalem in the 5th century BC. This is another story about Nehemiah, a man we have been learning about from time to time. This is a story that is relevant to the 21st century church and to our homes as Christians today. Teaches about leadership, "follower-ship" and instructs us in living a Godly life. Listen to this story of Nehemiah and learn a lot!
08-15-04  . Recorded at our Youth Rally - uplifting and positive, speaker unknown at this writing. The speaker talks of all the positive things that happened at our "Beach Fest" rally. Story of the origin of "the Way, the truth, and the light." This is a fun and uplifting sermon suitable for all ages that teens especially should enjoy.
08-08-04  . Norman Russell: Story of Nehemiah. He has received word that the walls of Jerusalem were in shambles and was saddened by this, and the overall conditions of the city. He requests of the king that he be allowed to go to the city and fix it. Nehemiah was confronted with a situation and just could not sit idly by when something needed to be done. Great story of responsibility
08-01-04  . Bryan Johnston -How to get UP, DOWN, IN, OUT - Look UP to God, DOWN to the Word, IN to our lives, OUT to others to share the Word. Bryan goes on to explain how he has built a successful youth ministry here at North Bend and the value of prayer in his life. This is a fun and uplifting program. Note: the flamingos refer to a fund-raising effort, where pink plastic flamingos were placed in a person's yard for $5, or you could buy "insurance" against flamingos for $5. Listen and hear what happened... :)
06-27-04  . Norman Russell on the subject of revival, and the power of Satan to work against it. How to identify the signs of a dead or dying church. How to identify a living church. Being aware of Satan's prowess in seeking out the weak, and the weaknesses in the strong. How not to be weak. Background info: What the "far country" is in parables. Also how we are responsible for keeping each other from sin and how we should not be afraid to call "sin" what it is. It's not a "sickness" - its disobedience to God.
06-20-04  . Jason McCulley, speaking on the value of being a Christian and living a godly life. What God offers those who follow Christ. Sometimes it seems a little difficult to understand spiritual matters, but Jason puts this into everyday language. How God could forgive those who have done terrible things, on becoming a new creation. 
05-02-04 Bryan Johnston - Accepting salvation, and how all of Heaven rejoices when a soul is saved. "Today is the day of salvation." Deciding what we are each doing that furthers the cause of Christ. This is an excellent sermon of self-evaluation and helping ourselves to define our purpose in life, and in the church. 
04-25-04 Norman Russell - The Christian's need to feel needed. A congregation cannot grow unless each and every member has a "sense of belonging" and this applies to congregations of all sizes, from 2 to a million or more members.  Paul wrote to many churches about this very subject. Sermon is based on Romans 12. 
04-04-04  .. Dan Jacoy -  Dan speaks on the value of having a "Gethsemane Experience" in your life, and of the wondrous humility of Christ. He also gives some great advice for sharing the Gospel, and how to live life when you are feeling REALLY down and separated from God. This is an exceptional sermon, very uplifting. 
04-04-04-B  .. Dan Jacoy -  Bible class that preceded the "Gethsemane Experience"  sermon above. Dan speaks of humility, living a godly lifestyle, and dealing with the times when God seems distant. He tells of the story of David and others, and how they dealt with adversity. This is a good sermon for those who feel far from God. 

Norman Russell - God in control of all things, regardless of our day to day experience and  what may be happening in our life. How to maintain control, and the dangers of lack of control in our "instant gratification" society. Also about taking time to grow in your faith instead of wanting it all 'right now.'

03-21-04   Norman Russell - Change. Does it strike terror in your mind when you hear the word? What does it mean to change? How does your community feel about changes? Change in church is usually met with skepticism, whether good or bad. How to live with change. If a church does not have -some- changes as time passes, stagnation occurs. Stagnation in a church is a very Bad Thing.
03-14-04   Norman Russell - Continuing the discussion on "Why am I here?" - God's purpose in our life. Every day of our life is designed to honor and praise Him. We're to be active members of the church family. This lesson tells how God wants us to become like His Son, Jesus. How Christians need to grow as Christians, setting Christ as our model. The frustration of the seeming impossibility of following His example. Feeling obligated as Christians, instead of privileged. How to be more like Christ. 
03-07-04   Norman Russell - Continues his series on "What it means to live a Christian life" - talks about how God gives us a purpose for living. What it means to be a member of the Christian family. The duties and responsibilities of a member of Christ's family. Descriptions of the "Household of God" and what God wants us to be. Tips on finding peace and happiness, and where to look. 
02-29-04   Bryan Johnston - Sermon on family values, insights on being a family member and the value of family.  
BUILDING A Power Point presentation describing church building ministry work being done in Mexico by Border South Christian Ministries, one of our missionary partners on Word for Life. Two files, the presentation and the music that goes with it, 10 MB. 
BSCM-0414 A Power Point presentation describing the missionary work being done in Mexico by Border South Christian Ministries, one of our missionary partners on Word for Life. Two files, the presentation and the music that goes with it, just unzip. This is a self-running presentation, and is about 6 MB total size. 
02-22-04   Norman Russell - Continuing the discussion on "Why am I here?" that has been going for the past few weeks. Looking back on your life, are you satisfied with it? Do you feel there have been "meaningless moments" in your life? If you do, then you MUST listen to this sermon. It is very uplifting and may change your mind about your feelings about yourself, God, and others you interact with.
02-15-04   Norman Russell - Continuing - Our purpose for living - The Family. Simple life of a child, Norm remembers his early childhood experiences - the acceptance of family. How family helps to strengthen us in times of trial - both our Christian and human families. Seeing our blessings in times that are difficult. Keeping a positive attitude.
02-08-04   Norman Russell - Continuing "Why am I here?" - A Christian's purpose for living. How can you honor and praise God when He seems so far away from you? A tender, real-life sermon about our relationship with God, in both good times and bad. How to depend on God, even when your whole world seems to be crashing in around you. 
02-01-04   Norman Russell - Continuing the discussion on "Why am I here?" that has been going for the past few weeks. Looking back on your life, are you satisfied with it? Do you feel there have been "meaningless moments" in your life? If you do, then you MUST listen to this sermon. It is very uplifting and may change your mind about your feelings about yourself, God, and others you interact with.
01-25-04   Norman Russell - Having a purpose for living. Developing our understanding of the purpose God has for our life. God has a reason for our life; and a purpose. This is the second in a series of sermons on what motivates our life; why we do what we do. And how those things compare to God's standard. Doing a self-evaluation and dealing with what you see there. Problems of conscience, words, deeds, guilt.
01-18-04   Norman Russell - Continues his series on "A Purpose Driven Life" - What is your purpose for getting out of bed each morning? This sermon is about God's purpose for your life, derived from Ephesians 2:10.
01-11-04   Norman Russell - Our world's love affair with itself. "Church shopping" people who try to find a church based on "What can this church do for ME?" instead of being careful what it teaches or what practices. Also, "Why am I here?" - starts our series on the subject of what God wants us to do and helps define our purpose in life.
01-04-04   Norman Russell -  Sermon about Abraham, his life and the choices he made. How he had to choose to leave some things behind when God called him, and how we need to "leave some things behind" when God calls us. (This lesson was recorded just after a blackout that lasted for a few days - which is very unusual for our area)
12-28-03   Bryan Johnston - How to conduct spiritual warfare. Deals with coping with our own problems and the problems of others. Opening our eyes to our own situation, remaining healthy and committed to God. This is a great sermon for those who are feeling down or depressed.
12-21-03   Norman Russell: Speaks on the subject of the Christmas holiday.  some touching stories of our experiences sponsoring a party for underprivileged children and their reactions to it. Many people consider it a special day. Norm ponders on what Jesus would think of how we celebrate Christmas? 
12-14-03   Norman Russell: Sermon about Joseph, husband of Mary the mother of Jesus. This is a special sermon, as not much is usually known or taught about Joseph, as scripture does not record very much about him as a man. Norm uses cultural details to build an idea of what Joseph was like. 
12-07-03   Norman Russell: Seeing God at work in people's lives. Learning to wait for God to work in His own time schedule, not ours - admittedly hard! Understanding that God is aware of our trials and will help us. (Note: Norm's first comments refer to a underprivileged children's toy give-away our congregation sponsored)
11-30-03   Norman Russell: History and importance of songs in the church. Worshipping God with joy over His provision of our needs. Trusting God to take care of us, truly trusting, not only when times are good. How to avoid the dangers of temptation and trusting God's promise about temptation.
11-23-03   Norman Russell Accepting something that seems "too good to be true." God offers something great and powerful that sometimes seems just too good to be true. But it is not. This sermon teaches on the depth of God's love for you and His demonstrations of affection for you. It also teaches on the unconditional nature of God's love for us and his wondrous promise of things to come. Its a positive and moving sermon that I suggest should be one of the first you download.
11-16-03   Norman Russell - Facing crisis. (From 2 Timothy 4) and then learning to depend on God for answers. Story of Job's trials. Learning to trust God no matter what the trials are. 
11-09-03   Norman Russell: Solomon and his tremendous wealth. How he did not find comfort in it, and how we have tried our best to prove him  wrong. :) Treasuring our imperishable heritage and the wonderful nature of the gift. 
11-02-03   Norman Russell: Our ties to this world. Our worries about financial security and the tragedy of how material things have come to matter more than the spiritual matters. 
10-26-03   Norman Russell: The beauty of adoption. How we have been "adopted" by Christ - given His name. The early history of adoption, which was begun in Rome by early Christians. 
10-19-03   Bryan Johnston: Where do you go for comfort? What is comfort? How to find comfort in your daily life. How to stop being "chased" to the point of exhaustion. 
10-12-03   Dan Jacoy: Dealing with "tribulation" in our daily life. Defining tribulation, from human terms, and how to deal with it. How to encourage one another. How to be an evangelist for Christ. 
10-06-03   Bryan Johnston: "Remember the Duck" - How to deal with guilt. Great story to play for your children. Deals with guilt, honesty, admitting your faults and dealing with them. 
09-28-03   Norman Russell: Refusing to accept responsibility for your own behavior. Labeling sin as "sickness" or a "mistake" instead of a sin. Learning to accept responsibility for your sins. 
09-21-03   Norman Russell: Romans 8 / Ephesians 2: Companionship - something all of us need. Our desire to feel wanted and needed. Marriage, the church, our social "lifelines" to keep us strong.
09-14-03   Norman Russell: What we struggle with the most: Learning to live the Christian life. Even long-term Christians have trouble with this. Help with the struggle. 
08-31-03   Norman Russell: The Christian "heart" as described in Hebrews 8. Its importance and significance in early Jewish history. Describes the Christian's character and emotions. 
08-24-03   Norman Russell: The debate about the monument containing the 10 commandments, and one judge's standing up for his principles of what is right. How Christians need to do what is right. 
08-17-03   Norman Russell: The greatest event in history was the resurrection of Christ. Unfortunately, we're not honoring that as much as we should be, or as God intended. What to do about it.
07-13-03   Norman Russell: Realizing the unknown value of something you have in your hands. How the Bible came to be available and an interesting story about its history. 
07-06-03   Norman Russell: Ever invite people to a gathering and they didn't show up? You'll enjoy this sermon. Jesus' parables about invited guests that didn't show up. 
06-29-03    Norman Russell: Continuing the series on church revival. Israel under Jeroboam, Baal worship is in full swing. Teaches about choosing the one true God to worship, and what happened when people made the wrong choice. The  story of Elijah and his unshakable faith in God.  
06-00-00    Mark Magill - A short sermon I gave in June 1990 on the strength and value of the family unit, and comparisons to the strength we gain as members of the family of God. Reflections on my early childhood, and some of my personal history and testimony. (17 Min, digitally re-mastered, some short garbled spots towards the end. I consider this my favorite of those I've done) .  
06-22-03 Norman Russell  - Focusing on Church Revival - part 3
06-15-03 Norman Russell  - Focusing on Church Revival - part 2
06-08-03 Norman Russell  - Focusing on Church Revival - part 1
05-26-03 Bryan Johnston - A family of Christ wherever you go. The strength of family that exists in the church. How do you feel about going to church? Do you feel comfortable? Obligated? Nervous? Or is it just an extension of "home?"
05-11-03 Larry Sullivan: Speaks a moving sermon on the value of forgiveness. Understanding what God has given you, and how to treat others. This sermon is recommended for all ages and would be a good one to share with your children. Culminates "Surviving Life's Difficult Moments" below.
05-11-03 Larry Sullivan: "Surviving Life's Difficult Moments." Larry does crisis intervention and gave a 3 day seminar for the church. Morning Bible class. More details coming. 
05-10-03a Larry Sullivan: "Surviving Life's Difficult Moments." Larry does crisis intervention and gave a 3 day seminar for the church. Evening class.
05-10-03p Larry Sullivan: "Surviving Life's Difficult Moments." Larry does crisis intervention and gave a 3 day seminar for the church. Evening class.
05-09-03 Larry Sullivan: "Surviving Life's Difficult Moments." Larry does crisis intervention and gave a 3 day seminar for the church. First session, 90+ minutes. 
04-20-03 Sermon by Norman Russell  about church revival, part 2.
04-13-03 Sermon by Norman Russell  about church revival, part 1.
04-07-03 Norman Russell - This sermon is part of the continuing series on Daniel, speaking of his daily life. What he was like. This sermon also asks the pointed question, "What would people say about YOU after you have died?" How will you be remembered? What "did" your life stand for, and how do/did you impact the world? A though-provoking sermon on the topic, it helps us realize that all that really matters is what GOD thinks of you. Getting to know who you really are. 
03-04-02 Norman Russell - The first 2-3 minutes of this sermon are missing, but it was believed to have been recorded March 2002. .
03-30-03 David Price: Speaks on the subject of Pentecost, its origins and history. History of the Seven Feasts. The first four point to the coming of the Messiah, the remaining 3 to the 2nd coming. New Testament correlations to the Old Testament on this subject. Reference is from Acts, Chapter 2.
03-30-03 Norman Russell's concludes his series on the book of Daniel.
03-23-03 Bryan Johnston: The universality of God. The value of sticking together and working together as Christians. Standards of early Christian life in the Greco-Roman empires. Discussion on reciprocity in daily life.
03-16-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel.
03-09-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel - hope to the exiled. Lets us know how God's word is true, how the wicked will be dealt with. Responsibilities of Christians and the church.
03-02-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel.
02-23-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel.
02-16-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel.
02-09-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel.
02-02-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel.
01-26-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel.
01-19-03 Norman Russell's continuing series on the book of Daniel.
12-31-02 Norman Russell - The person of Jesus Christ. His impacts on our world. His influence in art, music, theater, law and government, and much more. His role as both God and Man.
12-15-02 Norman Russell: Tired of the Christian life? Ready to give up? Think you've made too big of a mess of your life to continue trying to do the "Christian walk" any more? Think you've failed so miserably that God has given up on you? Then you need to hear this sermon. Download it at once!
12-08-02 Norman Russell: Judging others: When you should, and when you should not. Recognizing the improper teachings of other religious groups.
19-xx-xx Norman Russell: A sermon called "Return to the Summit", date unknown.
12-01-02 Sermon by Norman Russell  - better description to follow.
11-24-02 Norman Russell - The 50th Psalm. Thanksgiving Day sermon and about letting -all- days be "thanksgiving" days. How to examine your habits. Making sure our worship to God is sincere, genuine and not just "a habit" or robotic and not just "going through the motions."
11-17-02 Norman Russell - Sermon about hanging on to the past, people's perceptions of God, the church, etc. Story of failure based on our ability not to look beyond the present, and what to do about it
11-03-02 Norman Russell - About Norm's visit to Israel, and life there and in Jerusalem. How life is different there - particularly in how they deal with their children. About our Russian Orphan ministry. Matthew 7, Jesus teaches about building a firm foundation. Choosing whom you will associate with
10-27-02 Guest speaker talks on the power of “Life Groups” or “Small Groups” in building church membership. Also, discussion on how to determine what you want in life – and attain it.
10-20-02 Norman Russell: Is it safe to judge others? Or don't judge anyone? Correct? Scriptural? Listen to this lesson drawn from the Sermon on the Mount and decide for yourselves. The lesson of the sheep and the wolves. From the Sermon on the Mount - being aware of false prophets.
10-13-02 Norman Russell - On making choices in life. Matthew 7 - Jesus ends his teachings on the current subjects. Jesus' challenge and exhortation, calling upon those who have heard to make a choice based on what they have heard. Choose life! Choose whom you will serve - make the choice, but make it carefully.
10-06-02 Norman Russell. A somber pre-sermon given the morning the United States enters war in Afghanistan. Importance of praying for those defending us, those who are leading us. How to live in the fearful times of war. Then continues with John 19 - a lesson on dealing with defeat and disappointment.
09-29-02 Bryan Johnston - "Jesus Premiere" - about how to put Jesus first in your life. What would Jesus see in your life? How you can't hide anything from God, no matter what you do. How to stop blaming others for your problems and take responsibility for your actions.
09-22-02 Guest speaker talks on the power of “Life Groups” or “Small Groups” in building church membership. Also, discussion on how to determine what you want in life – and attain it.
09-15-02 Norman Russell - Matthew 7: Sermon on the Mount. The powerful promises of Scripture, and the power and promise of prayer. Understanding our own prayer life and the measure of our own faith.
09-08-02 Norman Russell. Taking a break from the Sermon on the Mount series to remember 9-11-01 Story of Alan Jackson's "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?" song. A reminder of how patriotism in America was reborn, and how God was invited back into the lives of many.
09-01-02 Norman Russell - about doing nice things for people without any expectation of reward, and how rewarding it can be. Jesus stepping "out of character" in Matthew. Teaching us not to be afraid of making judgments on others and other situations. Story of the Pearl of Great Price.
03-24-02 Bryan Johnston: What are you looking for in this life? Developing a vision. Finding happiness
01-16-02 Norman Russell -  Life has no guarantees. Changing the way you live your life - "getting things right" and getting closer to Christ. "I came that they may have life, and more abundantly." Good sermon!
10-20-01 Norman Russell -  "Do not judge anyone" says our system. But sometimes we NEED to judge and are indeed OBLIGATED to judge what is right. From the "Sermon on the Mount."
10-07-01 Norman Russell -  Recorded the day the U.S. launched its offensive against Afghanistan. A somber consideration of this war's impact. John 19 - Deals with defeat, death, disappointment. 
04-15-01 Bryan Johnston's first visit to North Bend. Biographical information about Bryan and his wife, their hopes and plans. The sermon speaks of planning your life from your earliest days, of taking responsibility for your own life. It is an uplifting sermon, describing the promises Christ has for us and why our earthly struggle is worthwhile.
* - Note - * The following topical sermons were created in the earliest days of our MP3 ministry and the sound level is a bit low for re-recording, but quite understandable for listening. Dates unknown; but lessons are timeless. 
Fasting Norman Russell -The history and origins of fasting, why should anyone want to do it? Also, the root reasons behind prayer ∓ fasting, proper attitudes and benefits of fasting and why some people do it.
Humility Norman Russell -Achieving humility before God. In order to be humble before God, one must first find a point of "spiritual bankruptcy" and realize their position in life.
Judging Norman Russell - On being a Christian "armchair quarterback." Hypocrisy in prayer, fasting and giving from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus himself discusses hypocrisy and what should be done about it. Discussions about passing judgment on others. Some believe it is not proper to judge the actions of another, but that is not quite what Jesus taught. This lesson goes into detail about our responsibilities in dealing with daily life situations from a Christian judgment perspective.
Prayer Norman Russell - The origins of prayer and how it came about. Answers to how to pray and for that matter, why God deserves our praise in the first place. Setting prayer priorities in your daily life. Prayer practices of the early Jews, Solomon's prayer, the tax collector's prayer and more!
Praise Norman Russell - Personal motivations in daily life in seeking praise. Although also mentioning the blessings of giving, it is not a "giving" sermon or a request for money. It is all about our motivations for doing what we do every day. Are you really a true Christian, or a "Sunday Christian"? Find out here.
Righteous Norman Russell - Your motivations in doing right. From the Sermon on the Mount. Dealing with hypocrisy. Principles to live by - if we are going to be part of kingdom living, we have to have kingdom values. We have to get our sights off of earthly values and the over importance of Earthly wealth. This world's goods are temporary, and we must remember that.
Sabbath Norman Russell 4/14/02  -The Sabbath and holiness. Details on the Sabbath, it history and origins, drawing closer to God. Also, differing accounts in scripture between Matthew and Luke, and an explanation of why this is so. Highlights on the faithfulness and patience of God.
Nobody Norman Russell - 4/7/02 - "Its nobody's business what I do. All that matters is me, myself and mine" and related topics. This is a must-hear lesson. Eye-opening...
SUICIDE  . Norman Russell: Speaks some years ago on the subject of suicide. This is still the #1 killer of teenagers (1 every 40 seconds!) and high on the list for the elderly (1 every 93 seconds) so all of us should download and study this sermon. It may take years, but someday you may save a life. It is full of good instruction and advice. If you're struggling with things in life, remember  you can also come to the forums (click here) and talk about it. We'll help you figure things out and pray for you.
The Truth Norman Russell - The value of always telling the truth, expectations of honesty in daily life. This is an excellent sermon, and recommended for -all- family members. About 35 minutes and recommended for parents to listen to it with their children.
To Others Norman Russell - Living the Golden Rule (Do unto others...) in our real everyday challenges. God is aware its not as easy as it sounds. He will help you with it. 
Worry Norman Russell - Making mountains out of molehills. Worrying excessively. We worry about kids, health, economics and much more. This is a lesson on not living a life of fear and worry, and how to deal with it when you are.
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