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   S E A S O N S  
      in NATURE

                    and in                             LIFE

(with graphics)

Tender Moments-Winter

Tender Moments-Summer

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Seasons Poems  compilation and format copyright(c) 2006 by Marilee Miller.  Poems individually copyrighted previously.
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   The reason
   For the changing seasons
   Is that we need  variety,
Not everything staying
   the same.

   If there were always sunshine
We'd take it for granted!
(Besides, how could the
and grass
   find strength to grow?)
And if the rain slanted
   All year, we'd complain;
While floods' notoriety
   Would be anything but tame!

   Experiencing different seasons
Gives us a reason
   To rejoice and be glad,
   and to grow.

                                 (c) 2003