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Do you have songs to share? Great! Read our guidelines below!

To All Music Artists:                                      CONTACT US: admin@wordforlife.com

      Before we go any further: WE ARE NOT A RADIO STATION. Song submissions sent to us are placed on a free-access download page for free play or downloading. A site visitor can listen to, or download and save, any song without charge. Although we do link artist's homepages (and contact info, on request) when available, we do not accept any advertising at all. With that said, if you're still interested, please continue:

           Now! Thank you for coming to this page and reading about adding your music to our site. We would be happy to add your music if it meets our very few required criteria for inclusion:

     1 - It must glorify God. If it is a vocal or mixed track, all vocals should be uplifting. Please include lyrics when available. Instrumental tracks are welcome, too. 

     2 - You don't have to ask permission before sending your submission, all are welcome. Please submit your music in .MP3 format. To help me keep track of them, please send them to music@wordforlife.com . If you want to send several files at once, try one of the many free big-file sending services such as sendspace.com or similar. FTP can be made available in some cases, contact us if you really need to use that method. 

     3 - You do not have to be a large group. A single person or a group of friends gathered together in their garage singing/playing their OWN works is just fine. Some of our current artists are "singles" that do not belong to an organized group. 

     4 - For legal reasons, we can only accept music submissions from the person who holds the copyright or their authorized representative (such as their agent) on the work, not from the public. We reserve the right to ask for a signed release affirming that we have legal permission to place the music here if needed. This is also intended to make sure that all artists are aware of their musical "presence" here and approve of it. Under U.S. Copyright Law, the person who creates a song is considered the copyright holder unless they are hired to do it, in which case the copyright defaults to their employer. For information on U.S. Copyright law, we suggest you view this PDF document about copyright basics. It will open in a new window:  U.S. Copyright Office Copyright Tutorial it is an extensive but easy to read tutorial on the subject.

     5 - I try to post submissions on a regular basis, but I am a school teacher, husband, father, grandfather, and all that as well, so sometimes "life" gets in the way of my best intentions. However, if you've submitted your work more than a month ago and still don't see it here, feel free to ask about it, as something may have happened to it. I have a pretty open mind about most types of music, but reserve the right to make the final decision as to what is published here or not, and if I can't understand the lyrics, its not likely to be included. I encourage you to send a copy of the song's lyrics if available, but that is -not- a requirement.


     In Return for Your Music Submissions:

     1 - We feature artists in the order received at the top of our music list until the next one comes along. Then you just move down a line or two as needed for space.  If a long period of time between submissions elapses, we'll take the lower ones and move them up and so on. Once in a while, we may totally re-arrange the list for better readability. Your position in the list has nothing at all to do with what we thought of your song.  

     2 - If you have a website, we will encourage OUR visitors to come to your site with a prominent hyperlink on every song's description line. If you don't have a website and would like an email link, just let us know. If you need a website page or two for your music, we may be able to provide a free one for you on our site - just ask. Or, we may be able to help you get one set up on your own site somewhere. 

     If you can think of any questions we have not addressed here, please write and we'll normally respond within 48-96 hours. Our email address is : admin@wordforlife.com. The terms by which we distribute music are shown in the box below. Thank you!


This page was reviewed and updated April 14th, 2014 by Mark R. Magill

*About the honor system of sharing Christian MP3 Music Files: 
Remember, the Christian artists that each gave us permission to place their music on this website did so on an "honor system." They're trusting you to download the music, share it, give it to others, but not to charge for doing so. So much as it is possible for you, please give away the music without any charge of any kind. However, if you cannot afford the cost of a blank CD, DVD, or whatever media you use to distribute the songs, then there is nothing at all wrong with asking the receiving person to compensate you for the actual cost of the media used to provide the songs to them. In other words, if it cost you a dollar to prepare the copy for them, then a dollar is all you may charge in return, not 2 or 3 dollars to make up for you "time working on it." Let the value of that bit of time be a gift to God and a "Thanks!" to the artist who freely gave of their works.

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