Dear CD File Downloader:

           Here are the information and details of WFL-CD-DISC-1 & 2 ZIP files and their structure:

            We've been struggling with finding a place to host our large CD/DVD files, the hosting service I use could not handle the volume due to their popularity. So we place them on both and Google Drive in hopes of being able to continue providing them. So far, Google Drive seems to be the most stable and reliable.

           Google Drive will tell you the files are too big to virus scan (true for their online scanner) and ask you if you still want to download them. I assure you that the ZIP's are safe to download. Each of them contains only one executable file. It's a disc menu launcher for auto-start CD/DVD's called PTStart.exe by Karen Kenworthy and is located in the /system folder of each disc's archive. It's for making a self-starting CD or DVD out of the file. If you're not going to make a self-start disc, you can delete that file if desired - but be sure to leave the others which are nothing but the various HTML files and graphics (/system and /design) & folders which display the disc's contents. 

        Note: If you have deleted PTStart.exe or you have a Mac or other non-PC-compatible computer, just click index.html in the /system folder and the HTML menu system will  launch manually - it's designed for maximum compatibility with computers worldwide.

        Any questions? Contact me -

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