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Bible Study Downloads -  Gathered from around the Internet, these are all either Public Domain or otherwise freely distributable. Be sure to read each file's license information for specifics.  Some files are just different package combinations for convenience sake. If you'd like MP3 files of Bibles or Sermons, click HERE for Bibles, and HERE for Sermons

 Filename Format

File Description and Any Special Notes

WEB.PDF PDF The World English Bible, both testaments - 1,020 pages.
WEBNT.PDF HTML The World English Bible, New Testament + Psalms & Proverbs
WEBHTM.ZIP HTML The World English Bible, both testaments - 1,020 pages.
WEB-ESWORD.ZIP HTML The World English Bible, for the E-Sword Program.
e-Sword.net Link External link to esword.net where you can get a fantastic Bible study program which supports many Bibles and languages for free.
BEREAN.ZIP PDF Berean Bible Software (Freeware) for Windows, contains ESV, NASB, NKJV, KJV, and other Bibles. There are many more free translations and add-ons for this program at http://berbible.org - please visit their site and thank them.
KJV.ZIP Text King James Bible, both testaments, in plain text.
KJV-PDF.ZIP Text King James Bible - Text Version - Same file as above, in PDF format. .
KJVDB.ZIP MS Access King James Bible - Microsoft Access Database Format
ASVDB.ZIP MS Access  American Standard Bible - MS Access Database Format
ASVHTM.ZIP MS Access  American Standard Bible - HTML files, suitable for PC or website.
YOUNGSDB.ZIP Young's Literal Translation - - MS Access Database Format
Updated 07-21-12

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