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         ~~  L I F E  -  G O L D  ~~

               There are Golden Riches to Appreciate:
      in Our Lives, in Our Surroundings, in Nature, in God!

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The Real, Cherished Gold
    There's the gold metal that's dug out of the earth.  And then there's the inner gold in life that makes us shine.

Gold from An Old Apple Tree
     While preparing the bounty of food from a fruitful apple tree, one may talk with God and also form special memories.

Drawn Gold
Gilt powder from a flea market, and a pen, offer a chance to draw beauty on paper, while considering how God's pen transforms our life lines into solid gold of soul.

God Calls to His Children
His sons and daughters are special treasures that he nourishes and prepares to dream -- for Him.

A Cloth of Gold
The many parts of Nature are like the adornments on a weaving, or tapestry.  My life, also, He is richly embroidering with His special gifts and graces.

Roadside Gold
Beautiful flowers and scenes adjoin the earthly roadsides.  So, also, God's people grow to be special creations along His life-roadsides.

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