About Our Minute Messages

For over 25 years, we featured a series of short newspaper articles every Saturday called “Minute Messages.” They were written by Norm Russell, the now-retired (September 2015) pastor of the North Bend, Oregon USA Church of Christ, and were designed to be short enough to read in about a minute. They were very popular and still in reference contain a wealth of information, education, and encouragement. Please feel free to share them with anyone you would like; popular social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc) are below the messages

If you’d like to send a personal comment  to any of our authors, just click on “Feedback” and include “For Norm, or “For Bryan” etc. in the first line of your comment. If you would like to send something bigger than the contact form (one is provided below) allows, just start a second/third as needed, or email it to us at admin@wordforlife.com and put who it is for  in the subject line.

Note: Norm is still an active member of our church, but no longer writes the “Minute Messages”  so we still publish Bryan’s works under the same page to preserve newsreader links. We’ll also start publishing Norm’s past messages again soon – we have a 20+ year collection of timeless messages… 🙂

Note: As always, don’t spam the system, all messages are held for moderation before being released.


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