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Is Anyone Telling the Truth? – by Norm Russell »

Is anybody telling us the truth? We have people who we trusted letting us down. The president and many of our politicians have broken trust. Now we find a popular news anchor who has been caught telling us things that did not happen. He is not the first to do so and he may not […]

“I Suppose…” A poem by pastor Tom Osborne »

I suppose I could complain About how tough my life can be About how I’ve been done wrong and hurt About all those who were mean to me I suppose that I could grumble And blame my trouble on others And lament how much better it would be If not for that church of hypocritical […]

“God Is Working Late” – by Iris Williams »

To every mama with a broken heart tonight: you are loved. There is no valley so deep that God’s love can not reach you there. Not to long ago, I spoke with a mom who had just lost her sweet baby boy at 26 weeks. We stood there and cried. There was nothing else to […]

“The 4th of July!” – by Norm Russell »

On July 4th of this year, the United States of America celebrated its 240th birthday. We have come a long way since Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims. It has been an exciting journey, filled with great accomplishments. Consider the fact that our means of travel has gone from walking to jet airplanes. We have gone […]

“Beware!” – by Norm Russell »

Beware He was an excellent professor. He knew his subject well and the students and faculty admired him greatly. When the university president resigned, the board believed that instead of going outside the institution, they should offer the position to this outstanding teacher. During a routine background check of his credentials, no evidence of this […]

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