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Controlling Spammers – a response to a user question by Mark Magill »

Someone recently asked me how I control spammers on this site. To go into complete details would probably result in my spam-removal routines being defeated, but  I will say this much: If you’re having trouble with spammers, start by using Askimet. You’ll need a free usage-key, and will have to add it as an accessory, […]

Concern For The Church – by Norm Russell »

It seems the apostle to the Gentiles had a great concern for the **churches. In II Corinthians 11 Paul lists the hardships he had faced on behalf the gospel. In verse 28 he states “Apart from such external things there is the daily pressure on me of concern for all the churches.” In I Thessalonians […]

Vacation Time – But Be Careful! – by Norm Russell »

This is that time of year when people shake off the restrictions and depression of the winter months. We love spring with its promises of a new beginning and we cannot wait to put the family in the car to get away for some rest and renewal.  Nothing ruins time away like a cell phone. […]

Heavenly Thinking – by Norm Russell »

Someone once said that at one time the church was so heavenly it had no earthly value. Now, it is so earthly, it has no heavenly value. I don’t know when those words were spoken, but sometimes it seems that the battle to keep the world out of the church can be terribly overwhelming. God […]

Enjoy Living – by Norm Russell »

Last week we lost one of our church’s members in a logging accident. He was a husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend and a brother in Christ. He always knew the danger of his occupation. His family also knew that when Leland left for work, he might not come home. This always brings home to us […]

Who Knows When…? – by Norm Russell »

There are geological rumblings taking place on Mount Saint Helens. It is an active volcano in Washington state, USA, which last erupted May 18, 1980 causing massive devastation. Now, the experts have registered numerous quakes but so far have not made any attempt at suggesting when or if the Mountain will blow again. According to […]

Do You Get It? – by Norm Russell »

In Mark 8, Jesus is recorded feeding four thousand with seven loaves of bread and a few fish. I suppose some might say this is a rather simple miracle that He performed. However you may feel about Jesus, you have to admit that feeding that many people with such a small amount of resources is […]

“Never Grows Old” – by Norm Russell »

In 1957, Ford Motor Company introduced an automobile that they dubbed the car of the future. It was named after Henry Ford’s son Edsel. You may remember the car. It had a funny looking front end and some experts said it was way too expensive. It was a manufacturer’s flop. In just two years the […]

Happy Time – by Norm Russell »

You may recall the song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” by Andy Williams. It has to do with all of the good things that take place around the Christmas season. One would have a difficult time disputing the truth of that piece of music. I for one enjoy Christmas as much as […]

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