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Your Life Is Not A Coincidence »

Rick Bourbois shared this on Facebook: ” A son and his father were walking in the mountains. Suddenly the son falls, hurts himself, and screams “Aaahhhhhh!” To his surprise he hears the voice repeating some where in the mountains, “Aaahhhhhh!” Curious, the boy yells, “Who are you?” The answer is, “Who are you?” Angered at […]

Living for God »

Written by Norm Russell, North Bend Oregon USA Church of Christ: It saddens me to hear people talk about experiences with churches and, in some cases, preachers who have left them seriously damaged spiritually. Some have sworn to never return to church, and others have said they worship God their way. I truly do not […]

Feed The Hungry – For Free! »

While you’re on the web each day, please take a moment each day to help feed the hungry. There is a place called “The Hunger Site” located at that provides cups of staple food to those starving in exchange for you clicking on an icon once a day. The sponsors pay for the food […]

Another Brief Thought On Thankfulness »

This next week people across America pause to give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy. We have all heard the term “a self-made man.” However, in spite of the popular belief that one can pull him/her self up by their bootstraps, God is involved every step of the way. There is nothing we enjoy […]

Being Truly Thankful »

This coming Thursday is the official beginning of the holiday season in much of the world, particularly in the USA. Who cannot be thankful in our time? I am glad that we have Thanksgiving as a special day set aside to recognize that we are a people most blessed. Each of us, no matter how […]

Truth From Mommy That Blessed My Marriage »

(This true story is shared by Iris Williams about her life and advice from her mom) [My husband] Glenn & I had been married quite a few years when I called Mommy Once Again cuz’ my world was completely falling apart… Again ! I was feeling so down, so unimportant & so much like Every […]

Passport »

According to an article in Today in the Word-“In the spring of 1981, a young man was flown into desolate northern Alaska to photograph the natural beauty and mysteries of the tundra. He took along 500 rolls of film, several firearms, and 1,400 pounds of provisions. “As the months passed, the words in his diary […]

Greatness Exemplified »

I have no idea who Zachary Haugland is. He is not someone you would know because he is not a “mover and a shaker.” He has not made the headlines as someone who has altered the events of all humanity and neither is he some kid who finds it difficult to avoid the police. No, […]

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