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Free Clothing Ministry – by Norm Russell »

Yesterday, August 20, our church opened the doors to anyone needing free clothes. We wanted everyone who came to take as much as they wished. This ministry was born out of a recognition that many in our community were not able to provide for their family. It has grown because of great people who had […]

Stewardship – by Norm Russell »

To say that our nation is in financial trouble is to state the obvious. Being twenty trillion in debt does not seem to bother most folks because they do not see it as their problem. They see it as the governments problem. However, we are the government. Thus it is our problem. We may not […]

Mind Yourself – by Norm Russell »

Everyone wonders at times how people seem to get away with so much. They seem to be above the law and it is not unusual for them to have hundreds of supporters, even worshipers. We have even witnessed this with organized crime figures. They are even given hero status even though they are so crooked […]

Dead Rat! – by Norm Russell »

**The text message came at 2:56 A.M. “Got the rat, yeah” My daughter and her husband had been terrorized by a rat that neither they nor the exterminator could catch. The battle had been raging for a couple of weeks. Sleep was nonexistent because when they went to bed, that was when the rat would […]

Which Way To Heaven? by Rev. Billy Graham »

Which Way to Heaven? Reverend Billy Graham tells of a time early in his ministry when he arrived in a small town to preach a sermon. Wanting to mail a letter, he asked a young boy where the post office was. When the boy had told him, Dr. Graham thanked him and said, “If you’ll […]

“His Presence” – by Delores V. Stowe »

This poem by Delores Stowe of Coos Bay, Oregon USA was written in 1996 shortly before she died of cancer. She gave us permission to share it on the web. It is humbling to know that she wrote this knowing that the end of her life was very near… ————————————- His Presence – by Delores […]

“What are Disciples?” – by Norm Russell »

Anyone who has heard me preach knows that I make a distinction between being a Christian and being a disciple. The term “Christian” has been so corrupted by a thoughtless society, that the real meaning is no longer applicable. The word Christian was formed after the Roman style, signifying an adherent of Jesus. It is […]

“Right Counsel” – by Norm Russell »

Advice is readily available to anyone who is searching for some counsel on any given subject. You need medical advise, or some answers to legal questions, or marriage counsel, just go to your next door neighbor or to a good friend and you will receive it all for free. Whether you wish to follow their […]

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