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The Wisdom of Socrates – The Story of the Three Sifters »

Someone once asked the great philosopher Socrates, “Do you know what people say about you?” Socrates replied, “Wait a minute. Filter everything you say through three sifters.” Friend: “Three sifters?” Socrates: “Yes. The first sifter is TRUTH. Are you SURE what you are about to tell me is the true?” Friend: “No, I just heard […]


For impoverished families, a brood of chickens can become a daily reminder of God’s faithfulness, as their eggs provide nutritious food as well as a source of income. For $14.00, we can supply a dozen chicks, help a family set up a coop, or offer basic veterinary care. For the next two weeks, our church […]

Together As Friends – Part 3 – by Bryan Johnston »

Nothing describes the relationship we have with Jesus better than the word friendship. We did not choose him, but he chose us (John. 15:16). As our Lord and Creator, he had the rightful power and authority to define our relationship with him. He did not call us his servants, but rather his friends. He chose […]

Together As Friends, Part 2, by Bryan Johnston »

When the Lord called his first disciples he said, “Come Follow Me.” Each one had to decide for himself to accept the invitation. Each follower soon joined a tribe of other followers. Can you imagine the close friendship that the first followers established with each other? The Lord knew that it would take a group […]

Together As Friends – Part 1 – by Bryan Johnston »

A good friend is someone who will stand up for you when others try to knock you down. A true friend will deny every lie, refute every doubt, and reject every curse. A courageous companion will uphold the credibility of one’s true character and choices. In times of uncertainty, a friend in the Lord will […]

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