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The Practice of Prayer – by Bryan Johnston »

I love the sound that a basketball makes when it swishes through a net, the sight of the rock passing perfectly through the orange rim, and the satisfaction of making a shot in the game of basketball. Hours and hours of practice are required in order to accomplish this task on a consistent basis. A […]

Singing Together – by Bryan Johnston »

The practice of singing praises to God has been a rich blessing in my life as a follower of Christ. The songs of the church have kept my heart filled with God. Singing as an act of worship has been a great tool for keeping my heart pointed toward Christ. The blending of voices in […]

“THE PRACTICE OF SINGING” -An MP3 lesson by Bryan Johnston »

“THE PRACTICE OF SINGING” – a TRULY EXCEPTIONAL lesson by Bryan Johnston (see photo at left) has just been posted for listening, download, or use in your own websites. Links are below. Here is Bryan’s description: “Scripture Basis: Colossians 3:15-17. “The practice of singing is a gift that opens our hearts of praise to God […]

“The Truth of it All” – by Delores V. Stowe »

The following was written by Delores V. Stowe, a friend of mine, who was dying of cancer in 1996 as she wrote these. She gave her permission for them to be shared. This one is called, “The Truth Of It All.” “She’s gone!”, you’ll say “She’s done passed away.” “Not true,” I say, “She’s alive […]

Building the Kingdom of God – by Bryan Johnston »

The following sermon and the hundreds more on our websites are free for any use or method of distribution that glorifies God. BUILDING THE KINGDOM OF GOD – Sermon by Bryan Johnston for 1/14/18 has just been posted for listening or download at the links below. Here is Bryan’s description of this VERY good lesson: […]

“Names” – by Norm Russell »

When a teacher has a large class, it is not uncommon for him her to mistake one child for another at the beginning of the school year. Eventually the teacher learns the name of each student and gives them the attention they need. On one occasion however, a small boy was being called Alan by […]

“Prepare Him Room” – A free MP3 sermon by Bryan Johnston »

Bryan Johnston’s sermon delivered 12-24-17 is now available here and on our website for your enjoyment. It is a very good lesson, based on Luke 1:26-38. The title is “Prepare Him Room” and here is Bryan’s description of the lesson: “Have you ever thought about what God wanted at Christmas? God reveals his desire when […]

“Repent! He is Coming!” – A free MP3 sermon by Bryan Johston »

Scripture Reference: Mark 1:1-8 – “How are we to be prepared for the coming of the Lord? John prepared the way for the Lord by proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Preparation for the Lord’s coming involved confessing sin, forsaking sin, and having sins forgiveness through baptism. Our relationship with the […]

“Don’t Spill the Water” (Author unknown) »

    A lady went to the Pastor of her church and said, “I won’t be attending Church anymore.” He said, “May I ask why?” She said, “I see people on their cell phones texting and typing during the service, some are gossiping, some just aren’t living right, some are sleeping, some are staring at me, […]

“Our Greatest Resource” – by Bryan Johnston »

     Scripture says, “Dear friends let us love one another, for love comes from God.” (1 John 4:7) One thing I always hear about this church is that it is so friendly and welcoming. This attribute comes so naturally. Kindness and hospitality are gifts not commonly found in our world and are sadly missing in […]

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