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“The Shepherd’s Voice” by Bryan Johnston »

The young man graduated from Christian College in pursuit of a place to fulfill his calling into the ministry. The Lord led him to a wonderful congregation in Western Montana where he was mentored by a veteran gospel preacher. It seemed that after two summers of becoming a part of that family of faith, that […]

Community Gospel Experience – by Bryan E. Johnston »

    We were created for community. God lives in community as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In the beginning when God created man the Genesis account says, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness” (Ge. 1:26). God created from a place of unified “ourness”, for man […]

“The Woman’s Testimony” – by Bryan Johnston »

    “Praise the Lord for woman of faith! The church is edified and the kingdom of God is advanced because of the ministry of our beloved saintly sisters in their service to the Lord. Jesus did the work of his father in heaven by sharing his life with the woman at the well. He […]

Jesus is Lord – Worship Him (by Bryan Johnston) »

By nature, we are all selfishly driven. Our needs and our desires take priority in our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. From birth we cry out to have our needs met. A baby’s cry communicates the need for food, coddling, cleaning, or relief from other discomforts. We do not like to be uncomfortable nor in […]

“Risen Welcome” by Bryan Johnston »

The Lord is risen!  He is alive and well.  Jesus is reigning as King over all.  Jesus is the Son of God.  He was born of a virgin and walked this earth.  The Lord performed signs and miracles and spoke words of God.  Jesus was put on trial by his enemies and was sentenced to […]

“Peace Be With You” – by Bryan Johnston »

“Who is this (Jesus)? Even the winds and the waves obey him!” (Mk. 4:41) The Prince of Peace has the power to calm the seas and stop the storms. He can cure every disease and restore every physical ailment. Jesus can overcome every military force and erase every spiritual attacker. Jesus defeated sin through his […]

“Anxious Return” – by Bryan Johnston »

After my first year of studies at York College, in York, NE I returned home to Culbertson, MT to work. It was nice to be home with family and friends and not have to worry about school work and the stresses of all of those requirements and responsibilities, but after just a few weeks into […]

Breaking Buns – by Bryan Johnston »

Grandma Martin had the best buns! She made the most amazing bread rolls you could ever eat. Her buns were always offered at every meal. They were golden brown, yeasty, soft, sweet, and oh so comforting. Grandma’s buns were a perfect side, a perfect sandwich, or a perfect snack. Every time to this day when […]

There is More” – A Devotional lesson Bryan Johnston »

“There is More” – A Devotional lesson Bryan Johnston “   The disciples in Luke 24 had left Jerusalem after celebrating the Passover and witnessing the death and burial of Jesus. As they began their seven-mile walk back to their hometown of Emmaus they were joined by him. They were kept from recognizing him while […]

“Teaching us on the Path and in the Pew” – by Bryan Johnston »

      Could you imagine being an eyewitness to the gospel story? Those who walked and talked with Jesus had a challenging time accepting the fact that Jesus was the true Son of God. The disciples were raised hearing the words of Moses and the Prophets. They knew that the Messiah would come and how he […]