“The Shepherd’s Voice” by Bryan Johnston

JohnstonThe young man graduated from Christian College in pursuit of a place to fulfill his calling into the ministry. The Lord led him to a wonderful congregation in Western Montana where he was mentored by a veteran gospel preacher. It seemed that after two summers of becoming a part of that family of faith, that this was the place where the Lord was leading him. Unknown to this young minister, there were greener pastures in the Pacific Northwest that the Good Shepherd had in mind to send his young servant. Upon seeking the Father’s voice and his guidance, the young shepherd was driven to a fold on the coast.

The young man had no known prior connections to his new home church. The Lord Jesus was the only common relationship he knew of with his new family of sheep. One day one of his elders approached him and said, “I know you.” The new minister was dumbfounded, looking the man up and down and staring intently at his face, he responded, “Sorry, sir you are mistaken, I’ve never seen you before.” The elder turned and said, “I know you because I know your father.”

Jesus the Good Shepherd knows his sheep by name and leads them out to pasture. The sheep follow him because they know his voice (John 10:3- 4). When others know the words and voice of God, they will know the words and voice of God as spoken by his disciples. Like father, like son, the words of love will be heard. If you know the Father, you will know the son, and if you know the son you will also know the Father. Others will know who you are by how you talk, how you walk, and how you love others well. Follow the voice of the Good Shepherd, he will lead you to where he wants you to be. Take courage you will never be alone because we are all connected through the Father.

-Bryan Johnston

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