Doing Life Together – by Bryan Johnston

(Editor’s note: Life Groups, often called “Small Groups” in some congregations, are groups of believers that meet at various times  to discuss Christian life. Some follow topical studies, discuss that day’s sermon, or whatever as is their interest. They are very beneficial in growing strength in the congregation. Here is a note Bryan sent out just before ours restarted for this term, which speaks some of their value.)

Our Life Group ministry will be starting September 10! Our groups meet on Sunday evenings in homes and at the building from September thru May. It is essential to our growth and maturity that we have opportunities to share our love for God and love for one another. Life Groups provide members a setting to grow as disciples of Christ and to minister one to another. We will share in God’s word and discuss the morning sermon. We will share our lives with each other, providing opportunity to be encouraged and mentored in our walk with Christ. Life Groups provide a place for each one to use their gifts to edify and build up the body of Christ. As we are built up our love overflows into serving the world and growing the kingdom of God.

We grow closer as the body of Christ through our involvement in these groups. We become unified in our faith and partner together in ministry one to another. Our Life Groups truly become a group of believers with whom we “do” life with. Be encouraged to spend time serving others with your group time. You don’t have to spend every Life Group in bible study. You are free to join together to visit shut-ins, clean a neighbor’s yard, haul wood, or to provide resources to the homeless, just to name some examples. Your group should be the first responders to members in your group when one is sick, needs meals, needs help, or needs encouragement. Be sure to “show up” in each other’s lives. You will be blessed to spend time playing together – have a game night, plan a hike or picnic, go to Shore Acres, go to dinner or coffee, attend a game, concert, or play together. “Do” life together! Finally Life Groups provide a wonderful place to invite neighbors, friends, and visitors to experience Jesus and his church. What makes Life Groups great is you!

Our goal is to have every member involved with a Life Group. We believe in how God works in those small, intimate settings. You will be blessed and our church will be blessed by your involvement and participation in a Life Group. Share your gifts of grace and love to further the work of the Lord and his kingdom here in this place.

Bryan –

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