“The Truth of it All” – by Delores V. Stowe

The following was written by Delores V. Stowe, a friend of mine, who was dying of cancer in 1996 as she wrote these. She gave her permission for them to be shared. This one is called, “The Truth Of It All.”

“She’s gone!”, you’ll say
“She’s done passed away.”
“Not true,” I say,
“She’s alive this very day!”

Only the flesh is gone
Because the living’s done.
But the life force lives on
There! High above the sun.

Look! There she goes. Flitting around.
See? Just above the ground.
In that butterfly. See? O’er that flowered mound
Sipping nectar round and round.

The life force can never die.
He who tells you otherwise
Offers nothing to you but a lie!
So beloveds, no tear needed, no sorrowful sigh.

Love! Live! Be happy in your quest.
Know! Understand! The truth of the universe is the best.
And until that day when you can rest
Know this!… She just changed her dress!

Delores V. Stowe

(C) 1996 The Estate of Delores V. Stowe, used by permission.

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