“THE PRACTICE OF SINGING” -An MP3 lesson by Bryan Johnston

Johnston“THE PRACTICE OF SINGING” – a TRULY EXCEPTIONAL lesson by Bryan Johnston (see photo at left) has just been posted for listening, download, or use in your own websites. Links are below. Here is Bryan’s description: “Scripture Basis: Colossians 3:15-17. “The practice of singing is a gift that opens our hearts of praise to God and binds the body of believers together in unity, hope, and love. Singing is a wonderful practice which helps us learn and experience the truth of God, which guides our worship to God, and which blesses the body of Christ. Worship is to God and for us. Come let us sing!” Now that’s what Bryan said – but I want you to know there is SO MUCH MORE to this lesson! It has a lot of audience involvement and is one of the greatest “feel good messages” I have heard in years! Please, don’t miss this one. File size: 8.4 MB, run time: 38 minutes.

WEB LINKS: To hear it now, just click on this short-link: https://goo.gl/f2qGQS noting that the link is case-sensitive if you share it with someone (best to copy/paste it). The entire path to this file (for embedding/etc.) is: http://www.wordforlife.com/files/sermons3/johnston-01-28-18.mp3 . Or, go to our website at www.churchofchristnb.com and click on “Sermon Downloads” at the top of the page. No site (or church) membership required – you don’t even have to sign in or anything! If you have any comments, issues, or need help, contact me directly at mrmagill@gmail.com

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