Singing Together – by Bryan Johnston

JohnstonThe practice of singing praises to God has been a rich blessing in my life as a follower of Christ. The songs of the church have kept my heart filled with God. Singing as an act of worship has been a great tool for keeping my heart pointed toward Christ. The blending of voices in proclamation of our faith and the harmony of hearts worshiping as one body has profoundly informed by walk with the Lord.

My choir teacher in high school would say she could tell which kids had been raised in the church because they came to her knowing how to read music and how to sing parts – soprano, alto, tenor, or bass. Participating in singing songs in church can help one learn how to sing with musical precision but it is not the quality of the sound of the music which makes singing worship. Singing becomes worship when the love of God flows from the heart of the believer to God through the vessel of the voice. The gift of singing has its greatest impact to proclaim the praise of God when it is propelled by love.

There is a difference between a choir of talented singers and heart-filled worshipers. I was blessed to be able to sing in the York College choir with heart-filled worshipers who happened to be talented singers. Written words of praise set to notes can only become worship when the hearts of the singers are set toward God. Like the difference between a meal made with love and one that is just put together, a song of praise sung with love is what God loves to hear even if the tone and quality are a little off.

Set your hearts toward God this morning as we sing songs of praise. Let the peace of God dwell in your hearts. Let us teach and admonish each other as we sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs together as disciples serving in love. Sing from a heart of love for God and it will be sweet, sweet sound in God’s ear. As a bonus we will all be blessed and encouraged by your offering of praise. — 

Bryan Johnston – –

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